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Friday, February 10, 2017

Silly Al's and the Hi Jolly Monument

Got ourselves going yesterday morning and headed to town.  Originally we were just going to get some propane and hot sauce but decided to try a place called Silly Al's for lunch.  During the Big Tent event when there are so many snowbirds in town you can't get near the place as with so many other places in town.  It's amazing how the town has changed in just a few weeks.  

We have seen signs to the Hi Jolly Monument so yesterday was the day.  Basically it's a cemetery with a tribute to Hi Jolly and the camels that used to roam this area.  Kind of sad really..back in the 1800's they brought camels over to be used to carry goods across the terrain.  They brought over camel drivers, the favorite one was called Hi Jolly  as they couldn't pronounce his real name.   When the project was over they left the camels to  roam on their own and fend for themselves.  

After visiting that monument we headed over to Silly Al's and enjoyed a small pizza, beer and a glass of wine.  Good prices and we liked the atmosphere.  After lunch we headed back to camp and just enjoyed the afternoon. 

Enjoyed our sunset and then a fire ..

Thursday morning we headed to town, did laundry and then back to trailer until about 1100 when we headed out for brunch at Silly Al's (just another excuse to have the pizza again)..then back home and headed out to Parker, AZ and La Paz County Park.  

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