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Friday, February 10, 2017

2nd post of the morning..

Well, we arrived here in Parker just about 1300 hours.  It was an under 50 mile day..we like those kind of travel days..haha..

Got our spot, which is a dry camping spot but that's ok for a few days.  Got ourselves set up and headed out on the bicycles to the Roadrunner Bar and Grill..we've been here several times and like the fact that it's a floating bar right on the Colorado River, which is filled to the brim this year.  Boy was it packed!  We stayed for about 1/2 hour and road our bikes back home.  

Enjoyed the sunshine for a bit, but even that was too hot. Moved to the shade, better!  After awhile Ken said let's head over to the Pirate's Den which is a bar and grill at the other end of the campground right next to us.  WE had been there last year for Karioki night so thought we'd check it out again.  Well, it was karaoke night again ...can't believe the number of people there!  So we had a good time listening to the people sing their hearts out.  Some wonderful, some not so much but a great time.  

Here's something interesting...while sitting at the bar I had noticed this older gentleman on the other side.  A little while later he was over sitting next to me, and we got to talking.  He was a Navy Vet, during Korea.  We asked where he was from and he said "Oh right outside Carson City" so we said Really, we're from Yerington...He says Really! I'm from Yerington too! He just says it the way he does, because no one ever knows where Yerington is!! Now talk about a small world.  He and his wife come down here every year for months to escape the cold.  He goes back home on April 1st.  Now here's something else.  As we're talking with him, he talks about how he goes to Pioneer Crossing every morning for breakfast with a friend of his.  About a year and a half ago, we talked to him and his friend along with our grandsons..

Well, on with the day..not sure what that is..but we'll enjoy it.  Tomorrow we're heading towards Big Bend of the Colorado again for a few days.  

Don and Dana, you're in our prayers today...

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