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Monday, February 20, 2017

Enjoying being home the last few days

Time is flying way too quickly!  Spent most of the weekend getting tax stuff ready to take to Winnemucca on Tuesday.  We'll spend the night at the New Frontier RV Park tomorrow night and Wednesday morning head to the DR office for a blood draw, then we'll head back home.  Quick trip but has to be done.  

Ken spent his time doing things outside while he can.  He was able to get the concrete back into it's hole.  As it turns out when he moved the quad from inside the shed he found the back concrete had been lifted out also. So the wind lifted 800 pounds of concrete! Amazing huh?!  He was able to use a digging bar and come along and get it back where it belongs.  Even straightened out the other side when he did that.  So all looks good.  

He took the 3 quads for a little ride yesterday and then took the 73 Dodge for a bit and went shooting on BLM land.  

320 pounds of concrete...

Russell and family were in Oakland for the weekend and Basketball Championships for Aaron's team.  They came out the winners! Way to go boys! 

Grandson Aaron all the way on the left...

And just because...a dose of cuteness...Owen!

Adam used to wear that Cookie Monster sweatshirt...

Our realtor and friend in Winnemucca posted this beautiful rainbow...

I love this pic!
Eric and family spent some time in a sports shop spending tons of money to get the boys ready for baseball season...hahah..

Going to breakfast in town this am with our neighbor Joe and his daughter Rylee..so time to get ready!  

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