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Monday, February 13, 2017

Big Bend of the Colorado and heading home...

We arrived here at Big Bend of the Colorado on Saturday afternoon.  We got the last spot for the day.  That's one thing here, it can be fully packed or like when we left a few weeks ago, hardly anyone here.  After getting set up and having lunch.  I went outside and read my kindle for awhile.  Ken's stomach wasn't agreeing with him, so he stayed inside.  Later in the afternoon he was feeling better.  We took a walk around the campground, just because we could.  

Later in the evening we sat by the Little Red Campfire, but that didn't last too long as the winds were picking up.  

Yesterday morning, we saw that some people were pulling out so we hooked up and moved to another site.  The site we were at the hookups were on the wrong side, but the one we're in now is wonderful.  

The winds were really howling all night long and they still hadn't quit.  Around 1100 or so we left and headed towards Bullhead City, Ken wanted to put a check in the atm at US Bank (but  he forgot his atm card back at the trailer).  So we headed over to Walmart for a few things and then to a restaurant the check in girl told us about.  

The restaurant, Casa Serrano was inside the Edgewater Hotel on the Laughlin, NV side of the river.  Now if you remember last time we were here we went to El Palacio and then after that I got sick.  Don't know if it was food poisoning or coincidence that I got sick right after.  Well, as it turns out Casa Serrano and El Palacio are sister businesses.  Ok well give it a chance.  Chips were so salty!  The salsa was good.  Orders came out and mine was so salty I ate a bit and that was it.  I brought it home and Ken ate it for dinner.  He said that his wasn't salty but that mine was loaded with salt...So now we know, no Mexican while we're in this area.  

Took a little drive around the area and then came back to the trailer.  The winds were so bad, that even though the temps were good, we couldn't sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.  So last night we made the decision to head for Beatty, NV today.  

It's too bad, but if you can't be outside we might as well start the trek home. Beatty is just a stopping point so if all goes as planned we'll be back home in Yerington on Tuesday for a few days.  Of course home this morning is at 26 degrees.  We're at 57 degrees here..

One of our beautiful sunsets...

Our friend Mickey from Yerington
doing Karioki Thursday night...

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