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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Too many pictures but "I just can't help myself" (Jacob :) Wildlife Loop, Hill City, Devil's Tower, NFS campground, Cody, Wyoming :)

Monday the 20th we got up early and got ourselves out the door after breakfast. We headed towards Custer State Park and the Wildlife Loop.  We had done this many years ago at the same time of year. Honestly I think we were about the  only ones on the road then, not so now! It's amazing how many people are out and about in their RVS enjoying America! 😊😍

Not our RV Park, but a beautiful flag!

VFW Custer, South Dakota

Wildlife Loop


The Wildlife loop is normally 18 miles long but it's down to 9 now because they're doing road work.  Buffalo and burros, the wildlife we saw! 

People feed the burros..so they love cars and people :( 

I saw they had donuts to feed the burros..

Once we got to the visitor center Ken heard a ranger talking about one of her favorite drives which was right across the way.  WE took that way back out of the park. 

Visitor Center on the Wildlife Loop...

The road across from the visitor center...

Horse camp we went through..surprised to see so many..The Buffalo Round UP is this weekend!
Would love to see it next year maybe!

Beautiful rigs!

After we were finished there we headed to Hill City, SD just to play tourist once again. We walked the streets and Ken found a little plaque he thought I might like, and he was right so I bought it 😊  It's in the truck but it's a red and white wood piece that says "Some superheroes wear capes, mine wear dog tags"..The checkout lady said Thank you for our grandsons service πŸ˜πŸ’—

Once we were done there it was around 1330 so it was time for a linner.  We knew we wanted to head for Firehouse Brewery and Winery, just up the road.  Cute place and GREAT food.  Angela, our waitress was so sweet and attentive.  They also are short staffed so it took awhile. Ken enjoyed a beer and I one of their glasses of Chardonnay. The bottle price, way out of my league, but it was tasty. 

Firehouse Brewery and Winery

Love how they put the winery and brewery together..we're both happy πŸ˜‹

Beautiful patio area for the right weather...not that day!

It says Naughti Wines, but they call them Naked now..

Looking at the colors and arches I think it used to be a Mexican Restaurant ...best guess..

I liked this seating..Ken wasn't as impressed..lol

Hill City, SD..

Then we headed next door to Sick and Twisted Brewery and Winery (the wines name Naked) LOL. Good too but totally different atmosphere.  Amazing how many people were at both places. 

We headed down the road to our campsite, stopping at an antique store along the way. Not a wasted trip, Ken found something for part of a Christmas present for someone. 😊 

The Antique store we stopped at..he told us that they bought just before Covid hit..
weren't sure it was the right thing to do..but they're doing good now..

Once we got home, continued our Happy Hour and enjoyed our little red campfire, probably too much! I love vacation! 🍷🍺

Tuesday morning we got going and around 0700 and headed for town.  Baker's Bakery and Cafe was our destination! They open at 0630. They have 3 eating areas and 2 were already filled. We were shown to the third area where it just opened a bit before.  WE ordered thinking it would take awhile to get our food, but it was quick. So much food and so delicious. I haven't had a breakfast like that in years!! 1/2 went home with me (Ken had it this am).  By the time we left the wait line was really long but worth it! If you're in town we definitely recommend this place! Oh and the baked goods that greet you as you walk inside, AMAZING! I didn't do it though..tempted as I was! 

Denver scramble..ham, bell peppers onion with hash browns, eggs, cheese and
a side of gravy...OHHHH SO GOOD! Homemade toast too!

We headed back to camp, and left pretty quickly to head for Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming only 109 miles.  Easy right? Well, the drive was! We couldn't believe it as we were heading for the light and the kiosk to get into the park! The line of cars and rvs was ridiculous! They had a sign saying, "Delays ahead as parking is limited".  We've been here before, very few people and it's always this time of year. Theres' only 43 campsites so we talked about it (while in line) and decided against going. We pulled into the gift shop and then we left. 

On the way to Devils' Tower

This was so cool!!

You know I love grain silos!

Love these ranches in Wyoming!!

I'm sure stories could be told!

I'd love  windmill for our property just because I love the way they look, but have heard really expensive!

Yep, I want one too!

Looks like an old gas station and store :( 

Devil's Tower in sight..

Devil's Tower and the Flag πŸ’–

                                              The line going in..with the warning sign..Not for us..

Love the traffic ..Highway 16

Gotta love this highway!!
Figured we'd drive toward Cody, Wyoming our next destination and stop wherever we found camping.  So glad we did as found a beautiful NFS campground just off highway 16 "the most scenic route to Yellowstone" we got on it at Buffalo, Wyoming.  They have already turned off the water spigots so  no pay! We recommend taking this route, rather than the freeway as the views are incredible and very little traffic! 

Ken barbecued some awesome chicken.  Rice and green beans with dinner. It was yummy!
Little Red Campfire was going..does it get any better? 

The campground had about 10 sites, fire pits and tables.  A beautiful creek was just within feet of our site.  If it wasn't so cold and could have had the windows open we could have heard it all night. There is no cell or internet service at all. 

This morning our goal was Cody, Wyoming and we made it just about 1300. We had the most incredible drive! Love watching the terrain change, it's just amazing! We're at Arbaska RV Park..very nice for $42.00. We needed to do laundry, so the main reason we're here. 

Burlington, Wyoming..cute little town

Burlington, Wy

Looks like an old abandoned church..

Love IGA always reminds me of Clarksville, AR and mashed potato flakes in a bag
along with great northern beans..πŸ’™

Pictures are out of order for some reason..below is our drive from our campground
to Tensleep, WY..oh so beautiful...pictures don't show the beauty and the OHHH's!!

Do Highway 16 if you have the choice to Yellowstone or back!!

Took a drive through old town Cody.  Very touristy. I remember being here with the volunteers I worked with. Joanie (who is 98 now) found 3 cowboys to get her picture taken with. In Winnemucca she found cops..gotta love that woman! Ahh the memories. For some reason my pictures didn't load..Tomorrow we'll go through there again..but there's plenty tonight..probably way too many!

So we're settled in for the evening. Happy Hour 🍺🍸. Headed towards Yellowstone in the am. We'll see how that goes with so many people on the road. Several RV park sin this town and most are very full.  

We used to always go in September as it's our anniversary.  The plus was the kids were back in school so there was less people at National Parks etc. Doesn't apply now with more people home schooling and a lot more older people enjoying he rv lifestyle. 

South Dakota and Wyoming are virtually unmasked which make us happy. School kids unmasked! Hoping on the way home I can get some clothes and a hair cut before it's no fun anymore and we go home to our dictatorship...

Happy Birthday Stacey! Sure miss you guys!!

Have a great evening!

One more time just because I love it!!


  1. Loving all your pictures! I sure want to go to South Dakota now :-)

    1. You certainly should! I sure don't want to go home!

  2. It's always most crowded just before school starts and with so many people home schooling now, I imagine it's crazy busy. Funny, I just saw a program about Devils Tower. You just can't beat that scenery!!!

  3. Sorry we missed you guys! Glad you enjoyed the area. When we went to Devils Tower it was the same way but thinned out once we got past the entrance gate.