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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winnemucca Days

October 28th through the 30th...Winnemucca, NV...Well, we got here and have just enjoyed the beauty of Nevada.  Went to town on the 29th..and dropped off the Patriot as it's making a whining sound...so we'll see what's wrong.  Enjoyed a Mexican lunch and actually the day b4 we ran into town to visit the Walmart and get some groceries...so decided to visit the Chinese place, as we were gone the three months and never did have any good Chinese..yummy!! Had a nice dinner at the trailer, watched some tv and saw a couple of beautiful sunsets..

Don called and told us that Ken's dad, Larry had passed away late yesterday afternoon...not much more to be said about that..

October 30th..We stayed here all day, got ready to leave tomorrow..It was such a cold night last night I changed out the summer sheets for flannel. Tomorrow we'll head for Reno, Ken has eye appt on Thursday, figure they'll dialate his eyes so we'll probably spend two nights there.. We'll have the cabover and the mazda.  
Our neighbor Steve came by this afternoon with a cute new addition to his family..he made a trip to Washington to pick up a new german shepard puppy..cute!

We'll get to see kids and grandkids...yayayyyyyy!!!!

Our beautiful sunset!

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