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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boomtown KOA...getting closer!

October 31st and November 1st...Boomtown, KOA...pulled in here on the 31st so we're close by for Ken's eye doctor appt on the 1st.  Had a nice drive from Winnemucca, Ken driving the camper and small trailer and me driving the mazda.  Had lunch at the chinese place in town before we left...great chinese food!  

Had a nice evening, and a good sleep in the camper.  I changed out the sheets to flannel and they were nice! 

Got up and outta here for Ken's appt and all is good! He already made his appt for November 1st next year.  We came back to the camper for a bit and then headed to Abel's for some mexican food..great food, but on the expensive side for lunch so that's probably the last time we'll go there...but veggie fajitas for dinner tonight.  

Ken has wanted to visit the Sierra Traders Outlet so we went there after lunch. He bought a nice pair of boots and a jacket for me.  Whole foods right next door so I got a few things and then to the Walmart.  

We're back at the camper enjoying the evening and the cable!  

Off to Cool, CA tomorrow yayayyyy!!  That will start our visiting and catching up with kids and gkids and gma!  

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