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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27th...can't believe where the time goes!

November 23rd...got up at 0300, picked up Wendy and off we went. Black Friday shopping because we absolutely refuse to go shopping on Thanksgiving.  Actually was very nice, except JC Penneys which opened at 0600..everyone was there, lines were long.  Went to Target, the mall and hobby town.  Then we hit Denneys (yes, I know) but had awesome whole grain pancakes..yummmm..

After we finished running around I took Adam home to Gtown and then went to Eric and Chris's for the night.  On Saturday we ran around for awhile and Ken and I got new shoes at Big 5 in Auburn..we looked at the campgrounds near Eric's to see about dumping and decided they all suck.  Had lunch in Auburn at Edelweiss..yummmm...then went back and the kids were home, Eric got a new toy and Mason too.  The remote control vehicles and they had a blast.  Watched for awhile and then bedtime.  Nice evening. 

Sunday, got up and watched the kids play awhile and then we headed up to Bryan's house for the night.  I made tacos for dinner and then had a few glasses of wine and bedtime.  Got up and had some egg sandwiches and then it was time to head for Eric's to pick up the POS Chevy...and head for Carson City to drop off the Patriot.  

Had a good drive, dropped off the car and went to the Super 8 for the night as we didn't want to drive to Winnemucca late in the day.  

Got up and went next door to Grandma Hatties and had a good breakfast!  Eventually we headed for Winnemucca after stopping by the house on via catalina to check it out now that it's empty.  Talked with our realtor, Lori and are hoping for the best as these short sales suck!  Had a nice visit with our neighbors and really hope it comes to be.  

Here in Winnemucca having a nice cold night...just gonna enjoy our time here hoping to get back for Saturday at least to watch those grandbabies of ours! Well, they're not babies anymore....

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