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Monday, November 5, 2012

Spent the afternoon with Jacob and Aaron..Happy BDAY MIA!!

Woke up this am, had our coffee and a nice morning..we decided to go to Lumberjacks at Madison and Garfield for breakfast...they have ham, eggs, potatoes and toast for $4.99...up a dollar from when we were here last..  I ordered the special and gave Ken the ham..yummy breakfast.. left there and I went to toeh Ross at San Juan and Greenback and picked up a few Xmas gifts...and gift for Miss Mia's 8th birthday. 

Ken went to Eric's house and moved the camper from the truck to the trailer.  
I picked up Aaron and Jacob after school and they ran around with me while I got gifts for Mia's 8th birthday. We tried to see Wendy, but she was gone so we went by linda's house and found her home.. Then we left and I took the boys home.  A great day all around. 

Met Ken at Don's and had dinner, and tv..bedtime.!   The girls seem to be fine and relaxed.  We will be going to Bryan's house tomorrow to spend the night so Ken called his mom, and she will be checking on the girls while we are gone!  

Love seeing the grandkids!! ( oh and their parents too)...

It was 81 degrees today here...almost a record...28 degrees this am in Winnemucca!!

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