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Friday, November 9, 2012

Tara and Devin are here!

November 8th...Ken and I got up early so he could head to Winnemucca for the night to unload the camper and pick up the 5th wheel.  I stayed at Don's and the plan was Ken would stay in Winnemucca for the night and I was going to stay at Don's to take care of the animals.  Well, I got ready and was going to go do a little Christmas shopping and visiting my sister Linda.  

Ken called and said he got a call from Dana and that Tara and Devin were expected in around 2100. So I did a little more cleaning, and then headed for Georgetown to watch Adam play in a basketball game in Placerville.  I headed to Cheryl's and we rode together. Good game but they lost.  Got back to Cheryl's and Adam wanted egg sandwiches (actually what he wanted was me to spend the night) but I wanted to get back toDon's so I could see Tara and Devin.  The weather was bad earlier, but it had cleared, until I went to leave Gtown and then hail!! 

Ken got to Winnemucca with no problems, picked up our drugs in town and then headed out.  He plans on getting up early and heading back to Cool, to drop the trailer. 

Tara and Devin got here around 2300 and we had a nice chat before crawling into our respective beds.  

November 9th...Got up around 0700 and had my coffee.  Tara and Devin got up a little later, and they oovooed Don and Dana for awhile this am.  Right after hanging up Grandma showed up and we had a nice little visit.  Devin is such a cutie. Very expressionistic for being so young..love that!  

I left to go meet Wendy for lunch at Chipolte...yummy...never been there before, but going back!  Went over to Linda's as Dusty had surgery on his ankle and will be off work for several months.  Chelsea was working, so Linda was babysitting...hahahah...Had a nice afternoon chatting about our relatives and our trip.  

Got back to Don and Dana's, visited with Tara and Devin and waited to talk to Ken.  He barely made it over the summit with the snow, but he did and called from Dutch Flat at the rest area.  Made the decision to stay there with Mister buddy for heat and then head to Eric's in the am for Seth's 11th birthday.  I'll meet him there.  He did say the water pump is broken and so is the faucet...freezing from Winnemucca..aaahhhhhh....

So Tara and I had dinner, Devin too and off to bed...morning comes early..

Took a few pics and I will post in the next day or two..

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