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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The days just fly by!

November 6th!...Carmichael, CA...Ken headed up to Bryan's house this morning  to help with firewood.. Keith, Cheryl's dad and wife, Renette came up to help too.  So I stayed home with the animals, did a load of laundry and made up stuffing, potatoes and green bean casserole to take to Bryan's.  I had bought a couple of baked chickens from winco and made the side's to go with.  

Headed up around 1400 and got to Cheryl's with plenty of time to go get Adam from basketball practice.  Had a nice night watching the election returns and catching up from 3 months.  Now we've seen all the kids and grandkids. yeahhhh... 

October 7th..We stayed the night, and got up this am and headed back down the hill.  Ken and I met up at Pearl House and got our Chinese fix...yummm!!!

Ken had to buy a couple of batteries for the 97 Ford and then he went to Cool and put them in.  He's going to head for Winnemucca tomorrow to pick up the 5th wheel and bring it back..so I was at Don's and wrapped a few gifts i've bought so far for Christmas. 

Tomorrow, I hope to have lunch with Ninny and then head to Placerville to watch Adam's basketball game.  

Have to tell...I was getting ready to close out this blog and noticed, I had written October 6th as the date...are you kidding me,,,it's November..can't believe it! 

We did hear from Lori the realtor yesterday, she said people had moved out and there would be a protection agency driving by to check on house..they had contacted bank but hadn't heard (today either)...so we'll see...should be sooner rather than later...

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