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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

November 22nd...Fair Oaks, Ca...Well, today is Thanksgiving and for the first time in at least 18 years we do not have a home to have Thanksgiving dinner at...well, no problem, Linda offered up her house (or was that me who offered it up)...so this week I watched Jacob and Aaron at their house and was able to cook up a Thanksgiving dinner which turned out pretty darn good!..  Seth and Mason came with me on Monday and Tuesday and we had a great time...on Wednesday they stayed home and the little girl next door, Elly came over and spent the day with the boys.  

I met Bryan in Loomis and picked up Adam as he wanted to come see "his Ninny"...so he and I spent the night at Ninnys..got up about 0400 and started to heat the dinner and cook whatever else needed to be done..

The kids all came early as this year they went to the other side. Had a great time with them, and it all ended too short!  

So thankful for the family I have...we love each other unconditionally and realize we are what we have in the end...wow such a good thing!  I love and Thank God each day for the family we have, we are so blessed!!

I did call Aunt Alma and found that Uncle Les is going downhill...we saw him in August and I am so glad that we did, LOVE that man...am hoping the end of his life is peaceful...it sounds that way from Aunt Alma..he is lucky to have her...

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