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Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is ridiculous that it's December 22nd!

I cannot believe I haven't posted since the 10th...now it's so far back I don't remember what we did!  So I will just have to condense memories.  I know we spent a night at Don and Dana's and then Ken spent a second night but I don't remember why I didn't...Lots of Christmas shopping!  I spent a night with Linda along with Adam and i'm sure there was a reason but I don't remember why!  But we had a good time, went and looked at Christmas lights.  Oh now I remember why, because we got up early the next day and headed for the wreath laying in Dixon along with Wendy, Tash and Russell's family met us there.  After that we went to Woody's in Roseville and had a nice lunch.  I am always amazed at how many people come out and how quickly the wreaths are layed!  Love it! 

Saw Grandma on her 85th birthday on the 18th.  We have stayed several nights with Bryan and Cheryl, as Bryan's days off fall during the week so it's really nice!  Then we stay with Eric on the other nights.  Love seeing all the grandkids.

As a matter of fact I am at Bryan's now, with Jacob and Aaron.  Russell and Lori had some last minute shopping to do so I have them and Cheryl and kids will be home soon! Christmas will be here before you know it and we'll be at Linda's for that day! 

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