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Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th and we're in Cool!

December 10th....We left Winnemucca on Friday the 7th..Irene Real's birthday and the day in 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed..Brought the Patriot back so I can have it to run around and do some Christmas shopping..

Went to Adam's house to go to his basketball game and then I spent the night up there.  They lost, but were going to play again Sat am. Bryan and Cheryl both have been sick so just Bryan, Adam and I went on Friday night.  Saturday we all went...then went to brunch at Denneys after his game.  Ken took the little fifth wheel down to the KOA at Shingle Springs to dump and we stayed the night there.  Can't afford that too often as they are 45 a night to camp!  Got up the next day, Sunday and we went to breakfast at Joanies Cafe...we've been there b4 and had a good, and expensive breakfast.  

I went and did some Xmas shopping and then came back to Eric's after a quick visit with Bryan.  

December 10th...today I wrapped and separated what I have here and then tomorrow I'm taking stuff down to sis Linda's and bringing up the stuff I bought on black friday..I think Ken's going to head for Winnemucca on the weekend but i'm staying.  Another beautiful day in CA. 

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