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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well...here we go again!! Dec 29th..

I have no idea why it takes me so long to post...bummer, because in my old mind I forget alot!...

December 25th...we woke up at Eric's and watched the kids open their gifts!  We got ready and had time to run to Bryan's and see what Adam got for Christmas..then we headed to Russell's house as Ninny was sick and felt she couldn't handle having Christmas this year...believe me we were all bummed!! The rain came and went so we were able to watch the kids play with their r/c cars for awhile.. had a great time...tried the buffalo trace whiskey with Russell which I Would do again..good stuff..then we headed for Gmas'..nice time there..

December 29th..we headed for the snow with Eric and the boys..up Wentworth Springs for a few hours. Great Time had by all...then we went to the pizza place in town and had lunch..we stopped at Bryan's and visited with Adam and Cheryl for a bit and then back to Eric's..had a great afternoon and Eric cooked some pork ribs for dinner. When we arrrived  Seth was running in the mud with the  90..having a great time! 

Tomorrow we will head for sac and the rv show ...then spend the night at Bryan's ...after that the ocean and then Winnemucca and then AZ...life is good!!!

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