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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our grandson Adam got his driver's license...and we spent the day with a friend

Well, I can't believe it we have a grandson old enough to get his driver's license and that he did today!!  We knew he had an appointment at dmv in Placerville, Ca for 0820 this am..today was exactly 6 months since he got his permit.  He's done a lot of driving and is a very good driver.  Cheryl texted this morning that he was very nervous and she hoped he'd get over it before he got to DMV..and I guess he did as he got his license!  I swear I was a nervous wreck wondering what was going on...only 5 more to get through in this lifetime!  

He did well, so no more buses for him!  He called when he got home and told us he passed, and again I talked to him this afternoon and all was good.  He drove the Jeep Patriot to school and got gas this afternoon...such an exciting day for Adam..I am sure all of us remember the day we got our licenses!  

Adam in front of the DMV with his new license!

 We left here early this am to head for Reno so we could pick up our friend Steve from Winnemucca.  He called earlier this week and said that he has cancer and has been in Reno since June..darn, why didn't he call us sooner.??  He's been through chemo and radiation and is now at a place in Reno until November 9th, his next appointment where they will decide the rest of his treatment.  

Steve was one of the first people we met when we moved to Winnemucca after retirement.  He is a retired Marine, who loves his dogs and guns!  Just a good ole boy.  He's only 61 ... We picked him up and took our time getting to Carson City to take him to lunch at our favorite Chinese place (as Steve loves Chinese).  Then we took him over to Walmart so he could get a few things.  After that back to his place and we headed home...told him we'd see him next week and do something else with him.  Our other friends, Ron and Deanna will be there late next week (Ron is having a hip replacement) ..
 So hopefully we all can get together and do lunch or something...

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