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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Boy the week is flying!

Spent Tuesday cleaning out the wood chips etc. in the bunkhouse.  Because they built the thing so quickly there was residual sawdust etc inside..even if they would have brought it spic and span probably still would have done the same thing :))  Ken worked on tearing off the roof and figuring all the stuff he needs to put it back together again, correctly this time! Too bad whoever did it the first time didn't do it right! 

Yesterday we had to go to Reno to pick up the Jayco as it was done.  Had an 1130 appointment so stopped at Walmart in Gardnerville first and did some shopping Too bad we have to eat, we could save alot of money!  

Picked up the trailer and on the way back home decided to stop at RC Willey in Reno and see if we could find a mattress for the trailer, as the one that came with it (supposedly great mattress, Eurotop)..sucks!  But as we found out it is considered an RV Short Queen, meaning it's about 4 inches shorter than average size queen size...in short this means going through an RV dealer or more expensive mattress shop..so we'll see. 

We did find a twin mattress and 3 dining chairs for the dining table we'll be putting in the bunkhouse.  So that was a good stop. 

Stopped in Carson City at our favorite Chinese place for a late lunch and headed home.  

This morning we headed for Lowe's to get the roofing materials and back home in time to make lunch.  We did take the long way as we found a sledge hammer and a measuring square one of the guys left behind in the bunkhouse. Ken's been working on the roof this afternoon. It's not supposed to rain, but we sure do have clouds all around.  
                                          Hoping Seth doesn't kill me for the pic below. But he's all Raidered out!
Poor Seth had to have 2 baby teeth pulled this week...

Mason looked pretty happy at the dentist.
Talked to Mason and Seth this afternoon.  They had invited us over for this weekend, but I was waiting to let them know if we could make it as we were hoping the roof would be done and we could go.  Unfortunately that's not going to happen. We just don't feel comfortable leaving the roof open while we go have fun with the kids..darn it !  Hopefully we'll get over that way soon!!
Ken's mom and brother, Dave are in TN visiting Don and Dana this week. Grandma's second time and Dave's first.  From the pics Don sent looks like they're having a good time.  Love TN...
Ken's brother Dave in TN at Don's house

Ken's mom and brother Dave visiting Don in TN

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