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Monday, October 26, 2015

Waking up in Reno, NV this am...

Saturday evening we decided to go ahead and leave home on Sunday, travel to Reno and spend the night rather than wait until Monday and then be rushed to meet Steve at 1000.  

Got here just a bit before 1300 and the start of the Raiders game.  I made a bunch of munchies for lunch.  We enjoyed the game and the win!  Took our RV walk around the campground and back inside.  Was a really nice afternoon.  Left over pizza for dinner and a good evening.  

This morning we're able to take our time and we're only about 15 mins or so from Steve's place.  We'll spend the day with him, Ron and Deanna and then spend another night and head home tomorrow.  

 Waking up to a cool morning, about 35 degrees, even cooler in Yerington, 33..fall is definitely in the air!  

Adam's drive with Kate didn't happen, but he took a drive to Stumpy Meadows, ate a sandwich and took some pictures.  Then he drove to Shoestrings to pick up dinner for the family..he's getting some alone time driving. Nice!  I did check and Nevada has a 6 month rule compared to CA 1 year rule of not driving with passengers..

Below are just a few pics over the last week or so..

Few decorations started for Halloween..

Our hamburger cheat from the other night..and oven fried potatoes

The loft is finished with the flooring and trim..

The flooring of the bunkhouse..love it!

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