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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The bunkhouse should be delivered tomorrow....and tractor pulling...

Well, the week has flown again...Thursday, Outwest Buildings called and said that they were ready to deliver this upcoming Monday.  They wanted us to come over and pay the rest of the $$ as she said she didn't like for the driver to have to deal with the money..no problem..we wanted to see it anyway.  So Friday morning we headed over to Fallon and paid the rest..We went out back to see our bunkhouse and it wasn't done..also didn't have the insulated floor we paid extra $$ for..hmmm...so in checking..long story short..it appears someone in Carson City area got ours..and probably didn't pay for the insulated floor. Very glad we went over, as they ended up getting their best guy started on building our new building..still supposed to be delivered tomorrow but not holding my breath.  

Went to Lowes in Fernley, to get some stuff for the roof and then to our favorite Chinese restaurant..Louie's Bistro..great food.  

Yesterday, I made lunch and we headed for Smith Valley and their Fun Days..well yesterday was a great day for weather and we were there to watch the Tractor Pulls..so much fun to watch!  Love those old tractors..but guess you all know that!  It was a nice, warm afternoon and we got back home about 1600.  Later it started lightning and raining hard!  
Old McCormick Deering 1937

The Track for tractor pulling.;

Love these old tractors

The wrong color but still a cool old tractor

This was the right color!
Again! Loved this young kid on the tractor!

Guess you can tell red is for tractors!

The only woman tractor driver!  Sure all the men enjoyed the bumpy ride!

Modified Allis Chalmers...

After the pulling was done..this cowboy brought his truck out to pull...

In the middle of the night the wind was blowing and it was pouring..opened the back door so we could hear the rain on the tin roof of the back porch!! So nice..

Got up this am and headed back to Smith Valley for the vendors and 2nd day of tractor pulling.  Well, the weather didn't cooperate, as it was raining over there so we watched a couple and came back home just in time to catch the loss of the Raiders..good game though.  

Surprising the people that were out with the weather.

Show and shine

Vendors ..not much to see...

Tractor pulling in the mud!

Yesterday it was dirt!

The track today

So cool!
 Now I have to admit this was pretty cool..but not as exciting as the Tractor Pulls in Lynnville, Tn Ken and I went to a few years ago..even Santa was there!!

Had our second fire of the new season in the wood stove today.  So nice. Sun is shining now but still chilly..

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