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Monday, October 5, 2015

The bunkhouse is home!

Got a call from Outwest Builders letting us know they'd be here about 1300.  We were ready for them and Ken met them at the road.  Came through and out to the back..just about got stuck at one point but they made it!  Interesting operation to watch them get the little cabin off the truck and into place...WE LOVE IT!

Ken on his way out to the road to meet the guys

Along side of the house

Unloading ours..the other goes to Gardnerville, NV

The "MULE" ..it turns the cabin around

They put those wheels under the cabin and turns it


Looking to the back of the cabin and loft above

The same loft

Loft above the porch..

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Just a closer view of the 10x20 bunkhouse
Originally we wanted to buy a shed (or have Ken build one)..wanted to put our treadmill out there, as now it's in the grandkids room..well we just had to buy one that's just too cute for the treadmill.  Too cute for storage, so now we'll work on making it something for the grandkids and maybe other things..I was going to buy a set of bunkbeds for the room, glad I didn't as the loft area would make it so low that they'd hit their heads if they tried to sit up..but the loft area is plenty big for mattresses..so working on a new idea.  Ken's going to put electricity and we'll insulate and sheetrock along with floor covering..gonna be fun! 

Ken spent the day on the roof tearing off the section he's working on..not fun for him!   


  1. For a second there, I thought you guys got a much longer bunkhouse than I saw in the original picture. Then I realized it was a second bunkhouse that they were probably dropping off somewhere else. Pretty roomy looking. I like the loft.

  2. Thank you, we love it and am hoping to put Ken to work on it soon!!