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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dr. visit, Genoa Candy Dance Festival..Sacramento tomorrow.

Friday morning we were off and running, heading to Carson City once again.  This time we had an appointment at Gastroenterology Consultants.  We had plenty of time before the appointment so we ran over to the Cardiologists office to see if they had received a request for a release for Ken for his lung surgery. Sure enough they had sent the approval on Thursday.  We should be hearing soon so we can get that surgery done.
Grandson Aaron and two beauties.  Homecoming 2019
Fall is in the air!

We had some cool clouds!

Gave way to a nice sunset!

We met with Alyssa, one of the physician assistants.  Very nice and knowledgeable (and she looked like she's about 15..lol).  Tuesday morning they will be sending a camera down Ken's throat into his esophagus and take a look around.  He's been having some issues with a heartburn feeling very high up in the middle of his chest.  This procedure is done as an outpatient in their offices.  Nice this can be done so quickly. We'll see what we find out.  

After that we did some running around and eventually headed home. 

Saturday morning we wanted to head for the little town of Genoa and their Candy Dance crafts festival.  We left the house a little after 0600 as we wanted to get there before it got too crowded.  It's about an hour and a half from here.  I made Ken a couple of egg burritos and I had my version.  We ate on the drive, almost gives us the feeling of being on vacation LOL.  
This is sad..Truck and police vehicles blocked each of the 3
entrances..proactive instead of reactive..first year they've
done this..

More people and cars coming!

Found ourselves a parking spot and walked through the town looking at the different craft vendors.  Lots of people were already there.  We got there before 0800, supposedly doesn't open until 0900, but people were already leaving with their treasures!  

Found a couple of things that jumped at me and were very reasonable. We also made a point of supporting the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department by buying a couple of mason jar mugs that were filled with a delicious Bloody Mary for him and a Screwdriver for me. :) Not that we usually start the day this way, but it's tradition at the Candy Dance.  After a few hours and money gone it was time to head out.  

When we got to the car a young lady complimented me on my shirt so we got to talking.  She is a  Marine (out in 2011) and just so sweet.  Her name was Angel and it sure fit her :0  She was walking to the timeshare she was visiting, so we gave her a ride.  Wishing her all the best.  
Loved this bear! On the pricey side though
Ken's project the other day..now we need 1 more spot!

It was close to lunch time so we headed for Carson Valley Inn and ended up having linner.  We know when we eat there, no dinner needed ;) 

Got home and just hung out inside as it was too chilly to be outside for long. 

This morning (Sunday) we didn't have a reason to set the alarm so we just enjoyed the morning and our coffees.  Ken wanted enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner, so I eventually got myself going and got that made.  I much prefer making dinner early so all I have to do is throw it in the oven to heat and dinner is served! His were ground beef and what I made for me is chicken. Should be yummy!  

Folded laundry in the bedroom and got started watching a Hallmark Mystery so once the clothes were put away, I laid on the bed and watched the rest of the show.  Not something I do often but what the heck.  

Ken busied himself with unloading stuff out of the back of the Tundra.  Our new pipe rack is in so we'll make a quick (well, not really) drive there tomorrow to get it.  Since we don't know when Ken's lung surgery will be and how long the recovery is we figured tomorrow was the best day.  

Happy Anniversary to my sister Wendy and hubby Shawn.  35 years. Congrats Sis! 
Aaron 3rd from the left :)   Homecoming Freshman year! 

Aaron on the left ;) 

Have a great evening! Happy Hour time here! 


  1. You had another fun time keeping busy and enjoying some tasty food.as well.

  2. I love living retirement through you.....Maybe two more years for me....