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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Camping leads to a bucket list dream come true! Update on Ken!

** We got a letter from Seth today! Made our day! He's doing well..he said it sucks but he expected that and that in the end it will all be worth it** Our Marine in the making!! :) One proud and happy grandma and papa too! :) 

We had a great time camping over the weekend!  We left Friday morning and were just sitting down to a late lunch when KC, Sierra and little Miss Rylee showed up.  We finished lunch and they got themselves settled and we chit chatted awhile.   
Starting the camping trip out right!

Our sites next to each other

Sierra, Rylee and I took a little walk to see where she launches her kayak into the lake.  We had a great afternoon just catching up.  

Later we all heated up the bar b q and had some hot links and awesome burgers from KC's home grown cows.  We all contributed and then had a nice fire to end the evening. Rylee enjoyed some "smorfs" before calling it a night. The adults stayed awake a little later and enjoyed some adult beverages. 

Saturday morning, we didn't wake up until about 0730, coffees and then we gathered to make a shared breakfast.  KC makes the best camping potatoes ever. (I didn't eat any though, trying to be good until my doctor's appointment in October or November)... We all walked up to the store and the rest of the campground.  They have a bar/grill so we stopped in to have a drink! KC bought us bloody marys for them and a screwdriver for me.  We sat on the back deck and enjoyed the view and each other's company! Then we took the long way back to camp checking out the other campsites. 
Breakfast of champions!

Ken cooked the eggs

Miss Rylee

Ken and KC

The restaurant and bar

We were on our walk...Sierra, Rylee and Brody

Little cabins

Sierra, Rylee, Ken and Brody

Not much going on in the afternoon, just the way we like it.  KC took us all out to dinner at the Plasse's Resort Bar and Grill.  They're season ends next weekend so they were out of a lot of stuff, but we all enjoyed a nice dinner. Back to camp for a nice fire and conversation. 
Some permanent spots..had them fixed up nicely

Clever using two tree trunks, table on top!

KC showing Rylee how to make a fire :)

Sunday morning dawned clear and cold, but once the sun came over the mountains it warmed up quickly.  After a delicious breakfast we all headed to the area where Sierra was able to launch her kayak.  On my bucket list has always been to go out on a lake in a kayak.  This was launched in a cove so I was able to get in and try it out.  I could tell, I loved it!  There was no life jacket so I wasn't going out in the lake without one so we rented a paddle board for Sierra and I was able to take her kayak out in the lake.  Oh my gosh!  I'm in love with kayaking.  We had the best time, and I was hooked.  She and Brody (her dog) paddled all over and I followed in the kayak. What a wonderful afternoon! 

Sierra and Brody going out in the kayak..

Safety first..Rylee has a strider bike she rides like crazy!

Coming back after a short kayak..

Rylee wanted to go..

Brody was jealous!

It's been on my bucket list forever! Now I'm hooked! 

Sierra and Brody on the paddle board! She is good!

That's me in the kayak following behind

Coming back in! 

The guys and Rylee stayed on shore and watched us while they enjoyed the afternoon.  A wedding was going on so when we got back to shore we were able to watch the event. I know, nosey aren't we?! 

We headed back to camp and eventually got dinner started.  KC had brought a huge tri trip from his own cows and oh my...cooked to perfection! We cooked chicken too along with all the fixins ...yum! Eventually called it a night! 
KC and Rylee :) 

Ken brought out the torch to show Rylee how
it's done! 

Love this pic of Ken, Rylee and Brody

Monday morning dawned clear and cold, but beautiful.  After another yummy breakfast we all got our things done and pulled out of the campground by 1100. Hugs all around, and see you soon! We'll have to do this again! 

On the way home, Ken said we're going through Minden so let's stop at Big5 and get you a kayak! What! Ok let's stop.  I got a kayak!!!  The last one they had just like Sierra's! We'll pick it up on Thursday. Thinking we'll have to get one more for Ken, as it would be more fun with the two of us out on a lake! Grandkids will love it too! I never thought when we left on Friday that I would have a kayak on Monday! 

We came home and unloaded what we needed to.  I ran to town to mail Seth's first 3 letters as his address came in over the weekend but there was no service at the campground.  Later in the afternoon we ran over to Karen's for a visit and to update here on our camping trip. :) 

Tuesday morning we set the alarm for 0500 as we wanted to leave by 0730.  Well, as slow as we are, we didn't have time for breakfast so I grabbed some cheese sticks and a yogurt to eat in the car.  We got to Carson City early so stopped by Tractor Supply where we were able to buy our first Christmas present for someone in the family. We got to the pulmonary doctors office close to 0930 and they called us right in. 

We headed for the hospital and Ken had his lab work done and then we drove to Reno.  Total Wine was on the agenda and I had done an online order.  Getting close to 1300 by now so we headed for Betsy's Big Kitchen in Carson City. Great lunch and great prices!  We were starving, so it was really good! LOL. 

Not much news there, the fluid is still filling (he figures 1 to 1 1/2 liters). Next Tuesday Ken has a PET scan in the am and then we will see Dr. Foster in the afternoon to see the results of that.  Next is a surgeon with a camera to see what they can find. So we wait...
Tomorrow (Wednesday) Ken has an appointment with a cardiologist, even though Dr. Foster (pulmonary doctor) doesn't think it's heart related..better safe than sorry.  
Stole this pic of Miss Cassidy..our great niece !

Great nephew Owen :) 

Have a good night, and i'll catch up tomorrow on what happened today.  Just know cardiologist doesn't think Ken's problem is heart related.  They just have to figure it out! 


  1. Hope all goes well with Ken. Love that you guys are enjoying life! Love your blog❤️

    1. Thanks Donna, I know you understand more than most how things like this can change your life in an instant! Just keep pushing on! Love your blog too! Oh and you!

  2. Hope they figure out what is bothering Ken and get it cleared up before you head south for the winter.
    Be safe and Enjoy the grands.

    It's about time.

    1. I certainly could see a glitch in our giddy up if they don't! WE are hoping to make Tennessee leaving in October to be back for Seth's graduation in November, but we will see...

  3. What a fun time you have been having, and a kayak so much fun on the water.
    Good luck with Ken's test results.

  4. Thanks George! Yeah I'm excited about the kayak. We are hoping for the best, and we want them to be able to figure out what's up with Ken for sure.

  5. Congratulations on the kayak!! I'm so sad that we parted with ours but it just wasn't practical for us. I loved mine too!! Good for the upper arms. :)
    What a wonderful time you had with Sierra, KC and Rylee. Oh and Brodie too. Looks like a nice mini vacay!
    Sending the best of luck with Ken's tests. They need to find the problem and get him fixed up. Glad it isn't heart related though. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Patsy! I'm excited to say the least, hope to get a lot of time in on the kayak! It was a great little vacay with them. We used to camp with KC every year for Mule Days in Bishop, but the last time was about 10 years ago! Yep, they are trying to figure it out!! Hugs back to you!