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Monday, September 16, 2019

Ken's PET Scan got cancelled last minute! No bologna sandwiches this year :(

Sunday was a stay at home day.  We both had things we wanted to get done so we just enjoyed being here.  Weather is definitely cooling in the mornings, Fall is in the air.  
It was a beautiful sunset

Ken had put some 2x4's in the rafters of the porch to keep the birds from sitting there.  After several months it was time to for them to be painted! Ken got them down and I did the painting.  Looks so much better! He stacked firewood in the holder and then loaded the wood stove with wood for our first fire of the season. Don't think it'll be long before we will start one. 
Before paint

I touched this up too. The H was missing the cross piece :)
My mom and dad :) 

The wood holder and a wheel barrow full too

The wood stove is ready!

Ken bar b qued some delicious hamburgers and he had onion rings to go with his. I cooked up some radishes with onion and bell pepper. They were good, just pretending to have home fries LOL.  We enjoyed some time sitting out front before dinner, thought we'd go back outside after, but then decided it was late enough. :) 

Today, September 16th is our 47th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go?  I said to Ken "How can it be 47 years, most days I don't even feel 47!" LOL! Life is good and we're enjoying our time together! 
47 years ago! 

Our yearly tradition is to have bologna sandwiches to remember our wedding night dinner :)  Well, Ken is supposed to have a PET Scan in the morning so because of that he is on a one day low carb, no sugar diet because the dye they use contains glucose.  No bread along with other things. Can't have a bologna sandwich unless it's on white bread! So we'll wait, until later this week. 

Winds have been crazy today, the house is shaking! Calming down now, but those empty fields sure had the skies sandy!! We haven't had winds like that in a very long time! 
Our little apricot tree is turning :)

Reminded me of the smoky mountains last night

Good night :) 

As I'm typing this Ken is on the phone with the hospital in Carson City.  They called earlier this afternoon saying the PET Scan isn't covered under Medicare unless it has a payable code, and apparently Ken's wasn't..uhhh.  They said we could pay the $8000.00 ourselves if we wanted! So now he just found out it's cancelled! Darn.  He still has the appointment with Dr. Foster at 1515 tomorrow, but we still won't have answers.  Depressing...Hopefully the surgery with the camera is covered. 

Tomorrow night we'll stay in Carson City at Hardman House Inn as Ken has a 0710 appointment for a stress test (hope that's covered) on Wednesday. 

Christina just texted that she got a great letter from Seth! Nice to know he's doing well! 

This was also a "no alcohol" day for the test.  We'll wait a bit, just in case the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Maybe we'll get to toast to 47 years! 

Have a good evening everyone! 


  1. What the heck. Sounds like someone screwed up royally.

    1. It's all about the coding in Medicare..just too bad they didn't try it a week ago! So we'll see what's up next...

  2. Well happy Anniversary hope you can get your celebrations in soon. Hope fully some one there can get things right.Good luck with Ken's tests.