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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

They found a code that works! PET scan next Monday! Celebrating our anniversary!

Yesterday morning we awoke feeling kind of bummed about the news of the PET Scan being cancelled.  We still had an appointment with Dr. Foster, the pulmonary specialist on Tuesday afternoon.  As we're leaving the driveway Tuesday morning to head for Carson City the doctor's office called.  They found a code that worked! YAY! Next Monday, at 1300 it'll happen! They cancelled the afternoon appointment and will reschedule it for after the PET Scan. Consult with the surgeon on Tuesday. 
Our first fire of the year on our Anniversary! ;) 

The next on another was needed as it was 34 degrees..brrr

WE already had a hotel booked because we had an early morning stress test for Ken on Wednesday.  So, off to Carson City we went! Stopped at Betsy's Big Kitchen for a brunch as it was close to 1100.  YUM!  Then we headed for Smith's grocery store to see about something for dinner.  We enjoy lunch out, but very rarely to do we go out to dinner. Guess what was for dinner?!  Bologna sandwiches a day late, along with some bar b q potato chips! 
A little snow on those mountains 

The makings of a great dinner!

Stopped at Walmart for some water and a few things. Ok, let's head back to town and maybe stop at one of the casinos and have a drink. On the way, Ken makes a u turn.  Where ya going? To Verizon I want to see about a smart phone! This woman almost had a heart attack!! He loves his old flip phone!  Says he feels bad about taking my phone to make calls etc..Long story short, he walked out with a Samsung 10.  Just floored that he did it! :) 
Ken's new phone!!

Ok, off to the casino to celebrate before we check into the hotel.  Had a couple of glasses of wine for me, beer for him and then to the hotel basically across the street.  We checked in and guess what was in the lobby?! Free wine!  So I had to take a glass to our room! haha. 
Cactus Jack's Casino Carson City...we don't gamble..just drink LOL!

We enjoyed the evening and then it was time for bologna sandwiches in honor of our wedding night. :) I haven't had a piece of bread since last September 16th. This sandwich was ohhhh sooo good! I did have one hot dog bun when we were at the desert races a few weeks ago.  Thinking i'll have to have one more sandwich before giving up the bread for the next year.  :) 
Our awesome dinner! Cheers to 47!

This morning (Wednesday) I had the alarm set for 0500 because we wanted to leave at 0640 to get to the Cardiology office and Ken's stress test.  All went off without a hitch. They got him in right away and I went to a waiting area with him. Started the blog, but with other people coming in there was a lot of chit chat going on..I shut it down and participated in the chit chat lol..A little over 2 hours later we were out of there.   
The sky was so pretty this am!

We headed over to  Gardnerville and I picked up a life jacket I had ordered and then we headed home to Yerington.  About 1200 and we were starving so stopped at Dini's and had a nice lunch! Now we're home until Friday when we have to be at Discount Tire at 0900 to have 2 new tires put on the Tundra, for our winter travels....(HOPEFULLY).  

Daughter in law Christina is in the hospital with tummy issues.  Her esophagus is too narrow to let food pass to the stomach.  They will be going in with tube that has a balloon attached then they inflate the balloon to stretch out the area that is too narrow. We're praying it all goes well for her :) 
Great nephew Owen looking cool for
picture day at pre school!

Next on the agenda is to get Seth's letter written as I didn't have time this am!  Have a great evening everyone! 

My sweet sister, Linda (ninny as she is known to all the grandkids) sent me these two pictures in the mail today!  :) 
Grandson Aaron! 

Seth (our Marine in the making) and Owen :) 
Friday I'll be shopping for some frames :) 


  1. Good news on the PET scan, nice that you got to enjoy your bologna sandwichs they look so yummy.

    1. Yep we're happy he gets to have it and hope it turns out something so we know what's going on! Thanks the bologna sandwiches are worth waiting for once a year!!

  2. Glad things are going well for Ken, we think of you two often. Bologna sandwiches hmm, probably never tasted so good before you went off bread. I say that about rye toast and I'm eat a whole lot more bread than you have been. Good for you sticking to your low/no carb diet.
    Cutie pie picture of Owen. :)

    1. Oh they were good Patsy!! I do make the 90 second almond bread or pancakes when I have a craving..and as long as it's toasted or grilled I like it..but nothing tastes better than white bread! but since i'm watching it, I try not too. Will keep you posted on Ken's health..Owen has the personality for sure..hope he always keeps it!