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Thursday, April 18, 2019

A great week with grandkids!

Monday morning I left the house about 0620 and headed for California to pick up Mason and Jackson.  About an hour into the drive I had a message from our son, Eric.  I called him and he said that the baseball tournament had changed and they wouldn't be playing on Monday because of weather.  He offered to meet me so we agreed on Fresh Pond on Highway 50.  The drive was beautiful with no stopping and very light traffic.

I got a text message from oldest grandson, Adam saying he was coming to visit for two nights! Yep, a happy grandma! Just missing Jacob, Aaron and Seth!   

I got to Fresh Pond first and not 1 minute later Eric and the boys showed up.  We had a nice little visit and then loaded them in and off we went.  I figured they'd be hungry so after getting gas in Minden, we stopped at Subway to feed them .  

I got home in time to have lunch with Ken and as we were eating, Adam showed up with his "new to him" car.  I made him a sandwich, as I knew he was hungry! We all visited for awhile and just enjoyed each other's company.  The boys brought their RC Cars so they enjoyed being outside playing with those.  Eventually it was time for dinner and the evening. I had put a pork roast in the crockpot before leaving in the am so adding a little (?!) bar b q sauce to it and the buns the boys all had a satisfying dinner. 
Adam's "new to him" car..2017 Subaru Impreza ..AWD

His first loan in his own name..
The boys built an RC ramp..didnt work too well..

Jackson and his car..

Jackson and Mason playing in the driveway..

Jackson and Mason decided to call the fifth wheel home for the time they're here, so they headed out.  

Tuesday morning, Ken and I were up early doing our regular morning things when Adam got up.  He had been researching different trail hikes the night before, but around here a lot are still closed due to snow so he decided on the Wilson Canyon hike.  He did it a few years ago with Papa but it's been awhile.  It was sprinkling, but there was no changing his mind.  With his backpack full of snacks and a sandwich he headed out.  He enjoyed being gone a few hours and doing the hike.  He said he ate the sandwich while crouched under a rock in the pouring rain..haha. The life of an adventurer!  
Adam ready to hike the trail..

Mason was a happy camper when the mail came..his dad ordered
a new battery for the RC car! 


Quite awhile later, the other boys got up and breakfast was had. They took the bicycles for a ride up to the water tower and then a little hike up the hill. Once they were back they played with the RC cars outside and just did whatever they found to do.  

Ken put up the ping pong table so in the evening we had our usual ping pong games.  Even Ken played using his left hand, and the boys played using their less dominant hand. Good playing gotta say Ken has gotten pretty good at being left handed in the last 3 weeks!  
Of course cookies had to be made!

Papa had to get in on it!!

Wednesday morning we were up and then Adam got up not too much later.  We had breakfast and then got him on the road as he had to be at work later in the afternoon.  He texted me after he got home safe and sound.  

Adam's good bye request..Egg sandwich

Mason and Adam..

Bye Adam, travel safely!

Jackson and Mason loaded their backpack and took off with snacks for another ride to the water tower and a hike further up the hill.  I ran to Raley's and Family Dollar while they were gone. They were home by the time I got home and they were hanging out in the fifth wheel.  Later I went to check on them and they both said, the hike must have gotten to them :)  They were being lazy! Eventually we all went back to the garage for some more ping pong and then dinner.  A simple one of burgers and fries but they were happy! 
Last night's game

It was actually kind of cute..We were talking about them going home and Jackson said, " We don't have to go home yet do we?!" I said no, on Friday..he said "Oh good, because I don't want to go home yet!"  I loved hearing that and he's not even our grandkid! haha..:)) 

Our beautiful sunset! 

This morning I thought I'd get caught up before the boys get up and need breakfast. Have a great day! 


  1. What a fun time with the boys visiting, and nothing quite like a good game of ping pong, it has been years for me.

    1. Yes it's been fun and gotta love ping pong! Those boys played all day yesterday. Hate to think just how good they've gotten haha.

  2. What a wonderful few days you've had. Always nice to hear when someone doesn't want to go home yet. Haha. I like that, very cute.

    1. Yeah made my day to hear that! It's been fun and looks like it will continue over the weekend as we are heading over the hill and will stay at Mason's Friday and Saturday and then to Adam's for a night.

  3. another great time with the Adam, Mason and Jackson. Nice to have a friend say he wants to stick around. You are fun Grandparents! :)

    1. We're a lot more fun when my one armed partner has two! No quads or guns but they still seemed to enjoy themselves. :) Summer time it should be more fun.