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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Catch up..darn Pioneer Woman..heading to CA tomorrow one day turnaround!

Well, the days have flown and I need to keep up better on this blog.  Thursday Ken and I headed for Reno and Total Wine.  I ordered a case of my faves on Wednesday evening and it was ready before closing on Wednesday.  

Got there and picked it up quickly.  Ok what to do now?  We drove over to Carson City and visited Home Depot to check out their flooring.  Actually found one I liked, but it was really cheap.  I'm sure I'd pay tons more o have it installed than what this floor was worth.  We decided to keep looking and see if we could find something similar but better quality. 

After that we headed to Minden and CVI (Carson Valley Inn). We asked about Carmen but still no date on her return. :(   We had a delicious lunch and then I drove home (no 1/2 carafe for me)..haha.  

We got home and a little later headed next door for Happy Hour with Jack and Mugsy.  It was really windy and cold so we went inside and sat with Mugsy for a bit.  We left our leftovers with Jack so he was happy :) 

Friday morning I got a text from our Grandson Mason asking if he and his friend Jackson could come over for Easter Break.  I said "of course" so I'm headed out Monday morning to pick them up. :) Happy Grandma and Papa too.  I tried to get Aaron but he has basketball practice and they are in LA for tournaments on Friday.  We'll play it by ear with the boys but I said i'd take them home on Friday as that is our son Eric's 44th birthday (Mason's dad).  April is a busy month with birthdays for us.  Eric on the 19th, Grandson Adam on the 21st he'll turn 20 and Bryan on the 26th..he'll turn 46!  Wow they're getting old! Hah. 

Friday was spent around the house, it was a nice day!  Neighbor Joe came by in the evening and we made plans to have breakfast at Dini's on Saturday morning.  Then we headed over to Karen's for Happy Hour with our buddies Jack and Mugsy.  The four of us hung out for a while. 
Ken and Mugsy


Saturday morning we got ourselves ready and had a great breakfast and conversation with Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Susan (Stacey's mom). We watched Pioneer Woman before we left.  She made a Pasta Primavera Salad cold dish.  Looked so yummy with tons of veggies. Ken said he wanted it to go with the bar b q chicken he was going to make for dinner. Your wish is my command..haha. I ran to Raley's to get what we didn't have and then spent a while cutting veggies.  Because I don't eat noodles I took a zuchinni and used the spiralizer to make zoodles.  Perfect. Both dishes were awesome along with the bar b q chicken.  

Pasta Primavera salad..

Mine, without noodles..

Ran into Rylee and her Grammy at  Raley's
They hosted a cookie decorating for Easter.

This little one was so cute..enjoying the cookie.."he" decorated..

Rylee and one of her decorated cookies..

Karen got home near 1200 and invited us over for a fire. Once Ken was done bar b quing we headed over.  Had a great fire and conversation along with a few drinks we came home just before dark.  We had our delicious dinner and called it a night! 
Wonderful grilled chicken!
Our beautiful sunset!

Sunday morning we slept in until almost 0700!  Doesn't happen very often, but it's Sunday right?  Coffee, visiting with bloggers to see what they're up to and another Pioneer Woman.  This time she had a Pasta Primavera dinner...oh no! 
We decided to go ahead and spray the weeds around here.  21 gallons of weed spray to be exact!  We hooked the sprayer to Ken's quad and I drove and he used the wand behind.  When he started hurting we traded spots.  I kept telling him to go inside and rest, but did he listen?! NO!  We finished and then ran water through the sprayer a few times and we're done for now.  Hoping the weeds die and in a few weeks we can get what we didn't if need be. 
21 gallon sprayer with quad...

While he rested I ran to Raley's to get some Kid Foods since we'll have two teenagers for a few days! When I got back I made the Pasta Primavera for Ken and I added some chicken breast to it.  Looks good. 
Pasta Primavera with chicken..Ken's dinner
Eric took the boys fishing yesterday..Mason, left
Seth right! No fish were caught though..

So tomorrow I'm hoping to leave somewhere between 0630 and 0700 to get the boys! Happy they want to come even if there won't be any gun shooting and quad rides since Papa is out of commission but we'll find something to do for sure! 


  1. You have been busy as always, taken care of Ken as he gets back in shape, goos luck with finding the perfect flooring for you kitchen.
    Have fun with the boys.

    1. Thanks George we are thrilled they are here and as a bonus our oldest grandson, Adam showed up about 1/2 hour after we got home! Next week when we ar done with grandsons, we'll be on the hunt again for new flooring.

    2. Keep looking we found the perfect good quality Allure flooring at Hime Depot here in Canada was not cheap . bi=ut we love it 1/4 inch thick, no underpaid needed.

  2. What a nice catch up you busy people!!
    I'm sure you will have fun with the boys on Easter weekend no matter what you get into. Fires and indoor games?
    Don't tell me but I'll bet Ken thinks he is smiling in the pix with Mugsy, right? Behind that mustache it is hiding. :) Love you Ken!!
    I'm not into pasta salads at all but a hot pasta dish with small noodles, I enjoy.

    1. Your are one to talk about being busy the last few days :) Yeah Ken's not much of a smiler in pics..he thinks his mouth looks pouty ...Mine with the noodles was very good. He enjoyed his..my only problem I make way too much so then he eats it for days.

  3. Okay you have got to slow down...lol You are making me tired...:) How wonderful to have your grandson call and ask if he and his friend could visit. Just goes to show what wonderful grandparents you and Ken are that they want to spend time with you. Plus,I am sure they will have a great time and be well fed. Enjoy!

    1. Believe me Deb it may sound that way but really not too much going on. Yes I love the fact that he called and wanted to come and then Adam had a few days off so he came over..makes my heart happy to have them here! The two younger teens don't seem to eat much of the good food, but they love their sweets. Oh well, it's Grandma time so they can have what they want right?!

  4. I giggled when I read the title that included Pioneer Woman. Whenever we have a cable hookup we check to see if she is on. We madly scribble down her recipe and then we never seem to get around to making the dish. Then again, recipes are just guidelines right? She sure has some great looking food on her show.
    You will have a busy Easter for sure. Lots of yummy food around your house no doubt.
    Hope Ken's arm is healing well. It looks like he's quite capable of holding a beer with it. Or is that part of the physical therapy? :-)