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Friday, April 7, 2017

Our first day back at home!

I love being on vacation..but I love being home too!  Guess that's what you call the best of both worlds! 

So we got our day started the same as always with coffee and computers, catching up on bloggers and their lives.  Eventually got the day going and did a few chores around the house.  

After our hummus and veggie wraps for lunch I went outside and cleaned the camper so it's all ready to go again, whenever that may be.  Ken unloaded the trailer of most everything but the tractor.  It's amazing all the stuff you take when you go!  

Later in the afternoon I decided to clean the front and back porches.  Gotta admit ever since I painted them the barn red everything shows up and I don't like it.  I can see a different paint job coming in a few weeks.  We have problem with birds and their droppings.  Ken has put up more boards in the rafter area thinking they couldn't sit up there but somehow they're still dropping their stuff.  So it's mainly on the arms of the swing and below the arms.  After a month of being gone it wasn't pretty.  So got out the heavy duty brush and soap and water scrubbed and it still looked like crap.  Got the hose out and gave them a really good washing and it looked much better.  

Had a visit from Mugsy next door and there are little footprints all over, because he just couldn't wait for the decking to dry..:)

Later I got the stuff I bought in TN and OK and got them put up.  Thank you Grandma for the Christmas money..got just what I wanted! 

Got this cute little butter dish at The  Merc
in Pawhuska..reminded us of Don's
place and the new calves! :)

Got these at the antique store with  Dana
The milk jar was from Nashville, love Ball
Mason Jars and the butter dish is something
I've been looking for. I have a plastic one I got
in TX a few years ago..but I love this one

The two white plates on the bottom shelf and the black cup
on the upper shelf all came from the Mercantile in Pawhuska, OK.
These are in the bunkhouse now!

Last night we were awoken by high winds and rain, sounded so nice took awhile to go back to sleep.  Today we're headed to Gardnerville and Walmart to do some shopping before the boys get here on Monday.  It's cloudy outside but not enough to keep us home today.  Have a great day! 


  1. You may want to get an owl decoy for your bird problem. From what I understand they are pretty effective.

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    1. Thanks Don, Bryan said the same thing..will have to try it!