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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Eric!

Ken, Aaron, Mason and Jacob
taken the day I took them home..

Tuesday we ended up heading for Fallon and a trip to Walmart to get a few things..Well, you know how that goes!  Ken ran to US Bank to put some money in his account. 

After that we headed over to Fernley and Lowe's.  Didn't come out of there with anything but we know what we want for the kids bedroom and brought home samples for paint for the porch. So now we've got projects to keep us busy haha..

It was just about 1300 hrs so we headed over to Pioneer Crossing and their 1 trip salad bar. Yum! 

Headed home and did a few things.  Enchiladas for dinner and a good night.  
Lake Lahontan ready to come over the top of the road
Never seen it this close!

Looking at the lake coming into Silver Springs from Fernley...

Yesterday I got to stay home all day which was nice.  The weather was good so Ken worked on getting a trailer ready to go pick up lumber and paint this morning.  

I started a project of a rocking chair yesterday..we bought material to reupholster it several months ago and I decided to get started yesterday.  We bought the chair in San Diego when Russell was stationed there so we're talking about 20 years ago now.  Sentimental so we can't get rid of it haha..
I took the top layer off before I thought to take a pic..it's been recovered

Here's w the original layer I covered

Just showing what a difference a coat of oil makes..

Done oiling, ready to get a new look..
The boys room, ready for a new look...

Yesterday our middle son Eric turned 42 years old!  So hard to believe as I remember having him like it was yesterday.  We had friends over and I was a week late with him..we'd been to the hospital a few times with false labor so I didn't say anything..about midnight I told Ken and we called my mom and dad so we could drop off Bryan.  At 3:48 I gave birth to this handsome (of course) 9lb 4 1/2 ounce baby boy!   Now he's 42.  :)  Love you Eric!  

The top pic is 3 years ago..bottom last night..
You can sure see how the boys have changed..Eric not at all
When we talked to him last night..he was sealing
the tile..

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