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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Home most of the day...

Ken and I got up this morning and enjoyed our coffee and computing..knowing the silent house wouldn't be that way for long..

I made up a bunch of pancake mix for the boys thinking that's what they would want for breakfast.  Mason was up first and wanted the pancakes I always make..but Jacob and Aaron got up awhile later and asked for breakfast sandwiches I always make when we're gone (like sand mountain).  both of them said.."we want your breakfast sandwiches with bacon, egg and cheese, please" ok whatever you want..ahhaha..
Pancakes, choc chips, ice cream
whipped cream and chocolate
sauce..sweetnes overload!

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich..

Cleaned up and about 1200 I was going to run to Scolari's for a few things.  Aaron and Mason came with me so about $85.00 later we headed home..

Had our lunch a little after 1300 and then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon playing ping pong in the garage with the boys.  Jacob is still the king..:00

Seth made it to Maryland this afternoon to begin a very busy week seeing DC and New York City...Christina sent the itinerary to me..wow!  

Ken bar b q used some awesome burgers and now we're ready to call it a night as we want to get up early to head to Sand Mountain..

Ping Pong in the garage...

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