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Sunday, March 16, 2014

It was an interesting drive home today..

The RV cover ...

Neighbors property and Ruby

Joe and Wanda's

The door...or what's left of it...

Ken and Ruby

Ken with all the crap from the door

Tie wire...the fix all for everything!

Headed back out to Winnemucca yesterday (Sat) to pick up the little 19 foot fifth wheel. get the rest of the stuff from the property and clean things up.  Got there and Ken greased the wheel bearings on the 19 footer and I vaccummed the shed and got things nice and clean.  We did a little burning on the property and I have to say it looked pretty darn good.  

We finished mid afternoon so decided to go visit our friends Ron and Deanna for awhile...had a great visit...they are the best people!  Steve came over and visited too so it was really nice.  

Got back about 1800 and enjoyed the evening.  

Got up this am, hooked up and cleaned the concrete and got ready to go.  

Really kind of bittersweet, because when we bought this property we thought we'd have it for life and eventually build a home there.  It's a beautiful place, with great mountain views and wonderful neighbors who appreciate the beauty as we do.  Believe me, I'm not sorry we had the property, or the fact that we've decided to put it on the market.  We still believe that ending up in Yerington, NV was meant to be. So all things happen for a reason and now it's time to let go.  Don't know how long it will take to sell the property, but that's ok.  We will still have a vacation spot, but it's no longer "home".   Our "home" is in Yerington and we are very happy here.  

We left waving good bye to Ruby...our adopted dog when we are there.  She lives down the road, but she must hear our truck, because we are there no longer than a few minutes and here she comes.  Love that dog! 

So we left about 1030 this am...not 20 miles out of town towards Fernley..Ken looks in the rear view mirror and the door skin, window, and guts of the door flew off behind into the freeway...Ken pulled over and gathered up all the crap.  
So we tie wired the screen door and the frame of the main door and headed down the road.  Then later we're watching out the rear view and something is coming down from the bed..so it's the reflective material sneaking out the frame..so he pulled over just as it dropped out...Now our little fifth wheel is parked and we'll be donating it after we get back from TN.  Have put enough money in it..so time to say good bye.  It's 21 years old so really can't complain much.  I can still remember the feeling signing papers on it (for 116.00 a month) and the butterflies in my stomach.  We've sure made some good memories of the country in that little rv.  

We're definitely not done traveling so we're thinking there's one more rv in our life.  

Our set up before it blew apart!

Another view of the cover....


  1. glad you made if back safely from winnamuca. It still looks good except for missing parts. so what is the next RV going to be?

  2. FYI: motivator is actually me, Diane,