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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Got the baseboards done...tomorrow trip to Fernley to get a few things...

The baseboard really ties it together...but in  person u wud like it even better!

Today we got the baseboard painted and most of it up...near the front door didn't happen as we have to have the door trim..which we'll go get tomorrow in Fernley...we'll probably head for Winnemucca on Friday..want to get the rest of stuff from the property and this is the weekend of the Ranch Hand Rodeo...we went last year and it was so much fun thinking we're gonna go again this year! ...

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  1. The room is looking gorgeous! I love how you made wood planks the central theme of the whole room. I think it's very rustic and elegant at the same time. The contrasting baseboards look perfect. Anyway, I hope everything's well. All the best!

    Todd Bailey @ McCoy Maintenance