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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ken is still sick...and made reservations for Washington DC and NYC trip!

Got the trim up on the wall that backs to the gkids room...
Crap he got into over the front door...more work!
What the area looked like before...

and after...look at poor Ken u can tell he doesn't feel  good....
Well, here it is early Tuesday morning and poor Ken has had a lousy night sleeping!  I have spent the last couple of nights in the spare room as Ken is sooo sick.  The coughing is terrible and I know he's not sleeping much.  I did buy a vaporizer and some Vicks for it and am hoping that helps some.  He is going on a week now, and it may be time to go see a dr. if I can get him there!  Men are very stubborn!  

He has gotten a couple pieces of the panelling up and some trim in the living room. It looks so awesome...but by the afternoon he is worn out!  

DC trip?   Well Russell and Lori have wanted to go for several years, and they were just waiting for Aaron to be old enough to go and remember.  So this is the year!  Looks like Diane and Jesse will be going with us along with Adam.  I've been watching flights, and yesterday I found roundtrip airfare for $310.00 (tax and fees included)...so after making sure that the dates would work booked all the fares.  $1240.00 for Russell's family was excellent (almost what we paid years ago)...booked it into NYC as that was much cheaper than booking into DC...go figure!  We'll be gone from June 7th until returning home on the 17th.  Should be awesome!   Diane and I were planning a trip originally to NYC either this year or next as she (and I ) wanted to see the 911 memorial.  I saw it after 911 when it was just a hole in the ground.  So now on to planning the cars, motels etc.  It will be a great experience for everyone! i love that area.  

Ken's not going as he doesn't want to fly ever again!  So I'll have some projects to keep him out of trouble...hahha..

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