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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ken finished the flooring!! Baseboards today!

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Love this floor ...Ken did an incredible job!
I went to Gardnerville to buy a Nextbook Tablet..and Ken stayed home to finish the floor.  Does it not look beautiful??!!   I can't believe the work he can do!!

The other day we were at Best Buy to check and see if Verizon had a better plan for the computer as far as the service we take w us when we travel and use at home.  We didn't want a permanent service in the house so we opted for a MIFi..it has 10 g per month which double what we had and it is portable.  Love it!  So much faster than what we had!  

So that's why I decided to get the little tablet and see if I can figure out how it works, without having to power up the computer a couple of times a day if we're looking for something.  So far so good...

Today we'll work on the baseboard for the floor and tomorrow we'll head to the city and get our door trim for the front door...one day soon we'll bring in the new couch! Yeeeehawww!! 

Loving our life here in Yerington!

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