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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time sure flies...even when you're sick...:((

The center wall after the panelling...not finished yet as we need the trim..

The front door area...He roughed it out so we can put a 36" door later if we choose
Then above the door he put little chunks of wood so the ceiling won't fall...
The corner is finished except for the trim..and those curtains have got to go! 
This is how the center wall looked w the panelling...

Just showing the difference between what it was and what it looks like now!
The week has certainly gone by quickly...Ken is still sick and I am too!  Really was hoping I wouldn't get it but it hit a couple of days ago..We were supposed to have Adam, Mia (if she didn't have other plans)..Seth and Mason for the long weekend...but I just didn't feel up to driving over the hill...hate it when that happens...

We did take a few hours one day this week and drive to Fernley Lowes and got a few things we needed and a quick trip to Walmart for groceries...back home and been here since.  The weather has been incredible!  60's everyday...

Ken has slowly worked on the livingroom when he's feeling better during the daytime..It is looking so awesome...can't wait to get the new floor and then we'll start bringing in furniture..

Yesterday he got to the front door opening..pulled the sheetrock off and ruffed in the door area for a 36" door if sometime down the road we decide to do that..I really like our front door we have so we'll wait a bit to do that. 

There is so much work that goes into a remodel I'm very blessed that Ken has the expertise to get this done!  

Yesterday and last night was one awesome wind storm!  Still a little wind this morning but beautiful blue sky!  I've got to drive into town and get a few things and that'll do it for me...

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