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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Walls Are Done!! On to the new floor next!

Even though Ken has been sick the last 2 weeks everyday he's worked on the walls of the living room...and believe me there was alot of work involved!  Some of the walls he had to rewire electric, move boxes and he framed out for a new door down the road.  He has done such an awesome job on this project!  It turned out exactly how we wanted only better!  

We have a new fireplace and walls...love it! 

Next project...our new floors..then I'll let Ken bring in the couch..

How the walls looked before we got the fireplace in..

Another view when he first started


Where it appears their old fireplace was and Ken removed that..

The front door area before...

Our little pass through area to the kitchen...before..


The fireplace and new walls....awesome!

All done!

The maine living room area...rocking chair is where the old fireplace area was..


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