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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ken started the floor today!

The old floor..this section was where they had the fireplace..
floor wasn't too bad...just too modern for our tastes..

The subfloor...obviously the people b4 us had pets...yukkk...

By the front door we're figuring this is water damage...probably
before they resided the front..

The new floor going in...doesn't really do it justice...yet!

Where we put the cowboy praying pics...love it!

Again, time flies but here we are...went to Reno the other day to look for flooring...didn't want to buy the first one we liked..well walked into Lumber Liquidators and I walked up to one and said "I really like this one"...Natural Acacia..exactly what we picked at Lowe's just a different manufacturer and better...12mm vs 7mm at Lowe's ...well as luck would have it we had the Mazda so we had to go back the next day and pick it up...

So yesterday Ken did some catch up around here..rotated my tires, washed my car, vacuumed it and did some maintenance on his.  

So this am Ken got up and decided to work on the floor..he had to pull up the old one which took awhile.  Then got started this afternoon after lunch on putting in the new floor..It looks awesome!! Tomorrow he should have most of it done!  We'll still have to get the baseboard painted and then get trim for the front door but it's getting there...love it!! 

Congratulations to Don and Dana!  Their house in Ca closed today so that's one less tie to CA...Looks like they may become land barons soon in TN! 

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