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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Played hooky and took a ride to Hawthorne, NV

Today we took the day off and headed for Hawthorne, NV about 50 miles south of here.  We wanted to visit the little Ordnance Museum in town.  Really cool place, run by volunteers.  A 87 year old vet in a wheelchair greeted us and was full of information...never would have believed he was 87!  This place has so much stuff you could spend lots of time there...and we probably will this summer when the grandkids visit.  And it's FREE, they run on donations.  

Hawthorne hosts an Army Depot there now since 1978.  The Navy had it in the early 30's to make bombs after an explosion in New Jersey killed 50 people they decided to move the bomb making operation to a place with a lessor population so Hawthorne NV (pop 200) was chosen.  

Ken offered to take me to the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah for the night, but I took a raincheck as I wasn't feeling that great.  But I will take him up on that soon!! 

Tomorrow we'll probably go to Carson City and look for our new floor for the livingroom. We think we know what we want but will look a bit just so we don't pick the first one we see..

Nice surprise this afternoon...with Grandma's Christmas money I ordered this
canvas print!  Love it!
Different uniforms...

Showing the inside of a cluster bomb 1960s

Guns and more guns...Grandkids would love this


Where we were
Alongside Walker Lake on the way...Beautiful deep blue today!

Our greeters...


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