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Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Seth! We're at Washoe Lake State Park for a few days...

Friday morning we awoke with the anticipation that Eric and family were headed our way! YAY!  We love company and we don't get it often. I heard from Christina that they had left and then I heard again that they had to turn around and go home to get some medication for her.  About an hour back home.  Then she let me know that Eric and the boys left, but because she wasn't feeling well, she decided to stay home for the weekend. :(  
Pig Picking cake I made for Seth..Looked so good on Pioneer Woman
but not impressed..next time I'll stick with chocolate! 

Eric, Seth, Mason, and Jackson (Mason's friend) arrived close to 1830.  Ken was bar b quing hamburgers and hot links thinking the boys would be hungry..and they were. I had fries going in the oven for them.  We actually sat down with Eric close to 1930 to have our dinner.  Afterwards we headed out back for a fire in the fire pit. Well, our fire ended at just about 0130!! What ???!!!  Yep..it was nice talking with Eric.

I woke about 0700 went to the living room and Eric had just started the coffee.  WE chatted a bit and then enjoyed our coffee. Mugsy the little cutie from next door came to visit, so I had him wake Ken at 0800. haha.  The boys worked their way in, and breakfast was cooked. It was between 12 and 17 degrees outside at this time.  We wanted to go quad riding, but decided to wait for warmer temps after lunch.  Today is grandson Seth's 17th birthday. We headed for the gun range and let the boys have fun shooting for awhile. 
Eric and Ken :) 

Out at the gun range..

Eric teaching safety! 

From left...Jackson, Mason, Eric, Ken and Seth..:) 



Jackson learning how to load a magazine

After lunch we headed out in the Dodge, Ken, Eric and me.  The boys were on the quads.  Headed up the mountain and out to the track. They had a good time. 
Eric, Seth and Ken


Mason on my 700..


It's dry out there..





Snacks were out when we came home and the boys wanted to play ping pong. 
Chicken enchiladas was the requested dinner for Seth. Happy to oblige!  Then we had cake and ice cream. We were able to get Christina on Face time (or something similar) so she was able to be a part of it all. 

Outside to the garage for a ping pong tournament. Once we were done with that, outside to a fire again. No way were we staying up till 0100 again..hhaha..Ken went to bed about 1030 and Eric and I chatted until 0100. We went inside and he started a fire inside. About 0130 or so we said good night. Nice solving the worlds problems with my son :) 
Mason and Seth..:)

Mason..the winner..

Love this pic of Jackson! 


Seth's cake and candles..

We were up about 0700 again, coffee, breakfast and then Eric took the boys to the top of the mountain with the radio tower.  They came back, our neighbor Joe, Stacey and Rylee came over to visit a bit.  We loaded Eric up and then about 1230 or so they left.  I made them sandwiches for the road. 
The boys... Ken, Mason, Eric, Seth and Jackson! 

Me and my boys ;) Mason, me, Seth and Ken..Eric took the pic..

Another room ready for Christmas..

Eric texted me when they got home. We went to John and Karens for Happy Hour around 1700 and came home at 1940 or so.  Dinner and bedtime. Cold, cold temps. 

This morning, Monday 17 degrees.. We got ourselves ready and left about 1230 or so to head for Washoe Lake State Park. We stopped on the way and had our salad lunch.  Tomorrow we'll drop the Tundra off for service and take the Patriot and head for Winco and Thanksgiving shopping. Staying another night here at the park.  We had a fire a little earlier but boy is it cold outside!! 


  1. What fun you have been having with all your boys. It sure sounds cold outside, too cold for us.

    1. Yep..love those boys :) It is cold!..We're in Carson City waking to 16 degrees warming to 51...but a beautiful morning

  2. Happy Birthday Seth. Looks like a spectacular weekend! Cold seems to be everywhere this week. Hopefully it warms up quickly.


    1. I agree Deb. We're here at the State Park and Ken says'...'we're nuts" yep..haha. But still nice!

  3. Nice looking group. Nice to see you in one of the pictures. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    It is 14° here tonight and today it stayed in the 20's but we are suppose to have a heatwave Friday. The prediction is for 39°...lol. I am ready to be some place warmer. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you Deb..yeah once in awhile I get in one hah. It was a great weekend and Love having the grandkids. Hopefully you'll be ready to head out soon!

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