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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Happy Birthday to my Hubby! A nice surprise in the mail and finally my wine delivery!

A couple of days ago Ken brought the mail in and it was something from Amazon. Now I order stuff, especially at Christmas, but knew I hadn't ordered from there.  Opened it up and there were 3 Chris Stapleton CD's. When Eric and the boys were here a in November Eric, Seth and I were out back with the fire going and listening to Chris Stapleton.  Eric told Christina about it, and she ordered the CD's and had them sent here.  Very sweet surprise.  
Our 3 Chris Stapleton CDs
My Happy Camper bracelet from Bryan and Cheryl :)

Love this wall hanging from Bryan and Cheryl..will find a
wall in the Jayco for this :)

Last weekend we got a email from Revelwine and it was order 12 bottles for 50% off.  Woohoo too good of a deal to pass up! Usually it comes Fed EX on Tuesday.   Got a message it was coming, waited and then nothing. Finally Thursday afternoon it was delivered.  You have to have someone over 21 sign for it so it meant staying home until it was here. Oh my is that good wine. No added anything to it, and so it's considered organic. I have to thank my doctor for that one!! I haven't ordered in awhile, but it's my favorite! So worth waiting for!!

I was talking with Owen and Chelsea at Thanksgiving about my favorite Christmas movie so we ordered it for him.  Got it in the mail yesterday. Hope he likes it..an oldie (1984) but a goodie! 
Owen with The Night They Saved Christmas :)

Yesterday, December 1st was Ken's 67th Birthday!  He got lots of phone calls and FB greetings (even though he doesn't have FB).  We decided to take a run to Carson City to pick up the Tundra tire he dropped off at Discount Tire the other day.  It had a slow leak and needed repair, but they were so busy it was going to take at least 4 hours to fix so a return trip needed.  

Even though this pic is a few years old..my favorite of Ken and Russell..67 doesn't
look too bad :) He hasn't changed a bit!

My mostly veggie pizza (someone thought I needed a little
meat on top) broccoli crust..

Ken's spaghetti squash crust pizza with lots of goodies..

Off to the city, Tire fixed and for no charge, even though we hadn't bought the tire there. Target for a pick up of a Christmas gift.  Ross for some more shopping for some special kids we like to help out with at Christmas.  Headed over to Gardnerville for a stop at Ahern to pick up a sharpened chain saw chain and to buy a new chain...oh oh they closed at noon! Darn!  Walmart for some groceries and then to Linner at CVI.  It was 1400 when we got there.  Delicious meal and then heading home I was talking to my sister in law, Diane so I didn't get my nap in hahah.  
We had a pretty pink sky yesterday morning!

Carson City snow! 

Home, unloaded and then we just enjoyed the evening. No cake for Ken, he's just not a sweet eater. Wish I could say the same..haha.

This morning, we're up at 0530, having our coffees and visiting with our blogging friends. Not sure of plans for the day, but sure we'll come up with something. Starting the day at 22 degrees feeling like 16! Cold, crisp morning! Have a great day today!! 

Our nephew Dusty ran the California International half marathon today! He had a cheering crew there at the end.  A few pics of family! Congratulations Dusty! 

Dusty and Chelsea at the end of his run!

Of course Owen cheering for daddy!

Dusty and his dad, Bobby
A well earned bloody mary a little later in the morning! 
Ken's out in the cold putting up some lights on the bunkhouse and the outhouse this afternoon.  We decided against lights on the house since we're leaving right after Christmas but that's ok! ..

Have a great day! 


  1. A belated Birthday Wish to Ken.
    You've definitely been busy. Us not so much.
    Congrats to Dusty on running the Marathon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick and Kathy..I read your blog and some days I'm tired just reading it!..

  2. Happy Birthday Ken! Hope you got spoiled......and i'm sure Shirley saw to that!
    We really like Chris Stapleton too. Lucky you to get those CD's!
    I love the wall hanging. So true!
    Great looking pizza. We gotta try those crusts.

    1. Thank you Dave. Yes I love the wall hanging too..You will love the pizza crust I've no doubt!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ken! It was a good day, i hope! no cake? Hmm, I'm sure you had something special.....the pizza looks good.
    Congrats Dusty, nice job. Owen is so proud!

    1. Oh, i forgot to say that I love the gifts you got! Very special.

    2. nope no cake or anything like that..his choice! Thank you love the gifts too.

  4. Happy Birthday Ken!! Congrats to Dusty. Love the gifts, very sweet.

  5. Happy Birthday Ken looks like y';all had anime good times there and wine at 1/2 price sure can't beat a deal like that !