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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Nothing better than a family Christmas...Home and gone again tomorrow!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope yesterday was as wonderful for you as it was for us.  

Funny how the days fly.  Monday we ran around a bit but were back to the trailer in time for lunch.  Then I started cooking some things that I brought from home.  Pioneer Woman's Restaurant style potatoes which are oh so yummy and very not good for you  (haha).  Got veggies cut up for the spinach dip and some other things made.  We listened to the rain all afternoon and evening. Just a nice day inside with some cooking going on.  Then off to bed with the alarm set for 0430.

Yesterday being Christmas we wanted to get an early start so I could be at my sister's house by 1000.  We opened presents that Bryan, Cheryl and Adam had given us. Yes, it takes us forever to get ready.  Had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs. I made the green bean casserole and threw the potatoes into a crock pot just so it wouldn't take so long to heat up.  It as just a little after 1000 when we arrived.  

Linda was busy in the kitchen with her part of the dinner as Dusty, Chelsea, Owen and Little Cassidy arrived.  Santa had come to Grandma's house so we watched the joy of any 4 year old that has even more presents to open! He got a side by side battery powered ride on that we watched him learn to drive.  He'll get better at it I'm sure.  
Cassidy, pretty in pink!

Owen getting instructions from his dad

And he's off!

Cassidy and Grandpa Bobby

Angelina doing what teens do..haha

Jesse, Aaron and Mason

Aaron, Adam and Jesse

Lori and Cassidy

Boys in the garage...the whiskey is open!
Russell and his cousin, Dusty..

Russell, Dusty and Steve (who has been a friend since high school)

Isabella and her mom had to stop by to meet Miss Cassidy

Seth, Owen and Mason

Ken ran to say Hi to his mom for a bit, and was back by noon which is when most of the family started to arrive. We enjoyed the afternoon with everyone. So many people it was difficult to hold a conversation for too long. 

My greatest joy yesterday came from having ALL of our boys and their families together.  That hasn't happened for at least 3 years! I know my oldest and youngest sons haven't seen each other in that long.  Time flies, families and jobs keep them apart, but yesterday we had them all! One happy momma and grandma here!! Dad was pretty happy too.  

The boys do this pic every Christmas...from left..Jacob, Seth, Adam, Aaron, Dusty, Jesse and Mason..it goes by height.
I'll have to find last years..

It started with this...Ken, Me and our boys...Bryan, Eric and Russell

Then this happened! Ken, me, Bryan, Cheryl, Eric, Christina, Russell, Lori

And then this happened!! Ken, Me, Bryan, Cheryl,(Cheryl has two daughters and five grandchildren who couldn't be there)  Adam, Eric, Mason, Christina, Seth, Jacob, Russell, Lori and Aaron! 

This one is pretty much the same but we added Owen to it! 

Our five grandsons!  Seth, Adam, Jacob, Aaron and Mason

Jacob, Lori, Russell, Aaron

The Byrnes Family...My sister Linda with Cassidy, Chelsea, Owen, Dusty and Bobby..

A group of boys who wanted a picture with Steve :)
Aaron, Russell, Ken, Steve, Jesse and Eric

Ursula, Aaron, my sister Wendy and granddaughter Angelina..

Seth, Eric, Mason and Christina

We said goodbye about 1700 and then headed over to see Ken's mom.  She had a nice spread of roll ups, olives and other goodies.  Diane and Jesse came over too so we had a great visit for about 3 hours. Very blessed to have her :) 
Ken, Diane, Jesse and Grandma..:) 

I had to share our wonderful family with you..our greatest blessings! :)

We got back to the trailer a little before 2100 and both of us didn't last long, before it was time to hit the hay! 

Thank you to my sweet sister Linda for opening your house once again for this special holiday.  After Daddy passed and we moved to Weimar I used to host Thanksgiving and Linda would do Christmas. Now she does both and we love going there.  Sorry to leave you with the mess :0  but she does have a great hubby who is good at cleaning up!  

Wednesday morning we sat the alarm for 0415 as we're headed home to Yerington to get ready to leave tomorrow for Parker, AZ to ring in the New Year with friends.  

We are home!  Got the trailer loaded for our trip tomorrow and now outside for a fire with John and Karen for a bit.  Have a wonderful evening. 


  1. Wow, wonderful pictures. Great family time. So glad you had a wonderful day.

    Safe travels.

  2. What a wonderful family Christmas you had, love the pictures. Now enjoy your time in Parker. and have a Happy New Year.

  3. Thank you George! You know we'll enjoy Parker, gotta love the Colorado River and good friends!

  4. Great photos of an awesome family. Jerry and I are slow to get going in the morning also. Lol.....Elva

    1. Thank you Elva! It's hard to believe the time we get up and leave..good thing most days we have no set schedule..

  5. Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas with family and delicious food.
    How nice to have all your sons and their families there. It is wonderful that you still have Ken's mom with you. Love all the family pictures. Glad to see you made it into a couple...:)
    Safe travels and enjoy your time in Parker.

    1. It was an awesome Christmas with all the kids and everyone. I agree that we are blessed to still have Ken's mom, she is great! I had no choice but to make it into a few..just makes me realize how badly I need a haircut! haha.

  6. What a wonderful family get together. I'm glad you can keep them all straight! :D
    the pictures are great! Nice that you had a good long visit with Ken's mom too.
    Safe travels to Parker, have fun!

    1. Haha..yep I can remember who they are..and whose kids belong to who. Yeah we are blessed to have Ken's mom for sure! Miss my parents on these holidays but that's the way it is..

  7. Talk about a busy Christmas, you really packed it in. Glad it was an Enjoyable day for all of you and hope you have a Safe New Years.

    It's about time.

    1. It was busy..but fun! Hopefully Parker AZ for New Years!

  8. Wow, that's an awesome family. And they all have you and Ken to thank!!
    Happy to see you had such a great time together. As you say, it doesn't happen often enough and gets harder each year.

    1. Very true Dave..I think it's been at least 3 years since some have seen each other..but I can say if one brother needed the other they'd be there . I enjoyed it for sure. :)