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Monday, December 17, 2018

Wreaths Across America, Eric's house, visiting Bryan, cleaning and baking day!

We had a nice drive Saturday to Dixon, CA and getting off the freeway it was really backed up from the cemetery.  They had us enter at the area we usually leave from..hmmm. Parked us quite a ways from the usual area.  The volunteer who parked us apologized for us being parked so far out and then he said "We've got way too many people".  More people than we've ever seen.  Nice there's so many patriotic Americans!  This probably will be our last year of being there on Wreaths Across America, but we'll go visit during the Christmas season after the wreaths are laid.  It's so gorgeous. Even here at the smaller National Cemetery in Fernley, NV they said they had way too many people also.  When Daddy and Mom were buried there in 2010 there were only 8,000 graves. Now there's over 35,000! 

Flags at half staff in honor of George H W Bush..

So many volunteers...

We've seen this Marine every year..in hearing his story we
figure him to be at least 85 years old.

So cool! 

The plate..meaning he loves America!

Niece Tasha and her mom Wendy..

Jesse, diane and Ken 

Starting the placing of the wreath..

the wreath but needs to be adjusted..

My momma...

It's always very emotional for my sisters and me going to visit mom and daddy.  Diane, my sister in law, grew up with us and it's emotional for her as well.  She is actually the one who came up with the epitaph on Daddy's headstone :) Her son, Jesse was with my mom until he graduated high school, so he loved them both. 

Ken, Jesse and Diane

My Daddy...

My mom loved pigs..so Tasha brought one out..


Amazing how fast the wreaths are placed

Boxes and boxes of wreaths..

Beautiful wreaths..

Our nephew Michael...

Love the way it looks with all the wreaths...

Heading out..

Afterwards we parted ways and headed back towards Eric's house.  On the way up we stopped at Edelweiss Restaurant in Auburn and had lunch.  When we lived in Colfax we were there most every weekend for breakfast. Good as ever! 

We got to Eric's in the afternoon and enjoyed visiting with them.  They planned on fajitas for dinner and OH they were awesome.  Afterwards I was helping with the dishes and Ken said Eric had started a fire outside.  OH Boy!  Ken, Eric and I had a great time with the fire and a prolonged Happy Hour! haha. Seth visited a while and so did Mason. It was 0115 when we went to bed. 

Sunday morning we were awake about 0700.  Had our coffees and computing and then checked inside the house.  We got ourselves ready and then I went to make breakfast for the boys.  I had brought breakfast burritos which got ate and then I made pancakes because the boys like them. 

We said our goodbyes and then headed for Bryan's and got there about 1000.  Had a nice, but short visit with Bryan, Cheryl and Adam.  Exchanged presents and off we went. We headed out and drove up highway 50.  Stopped for gas near Polluck Pines and Ken discovered a nail in the left rear tire..so we pulled over to a parking lot and he changed it pretty quickly.  

A nice drive to Minden so we stopped about 1330 and had lunch at CVI. No Carmen on the weekends but still good. I always have the Five Alarm Burger but with a turkey patty and no bun and I ate 4 fries.  Figure that's not too bad. No dinner for either of us last night. :) 

We got home and saw Karen and John had a fire going, so we ended up over there for a bit. work night for John so we left about 1830. It was an early night with me falling asleep on the couch.  Made it to bed fairly early. We were both tired after that late night with Eric. 

Monday morning found me awake before 0400.  I waited until 0500 or so to start the coffee.  Visiting with friends online.  After we got going, Ken took the tire to Carson City and I cleaned the house.  Then it was time to get started on some baking and making some munchies to take to Ken's mom's house tomorrow.  It's her 91st birthday so we're heading back over the hill for the night.  WE'll be home Wednesday after a stop at Walmart to do some shopping for Christmas cooking. Wow time flies.  Looking forward to some down time in Parker, AZ right after Christmas. 

Ham, turkey, cheese wreath for Grandma's tomorrow..

Ken's banana bread

3 ingredient chocolate chip cookies for my sweet tooth..

Out of the oven..yummy...

Have a good night!! 


  1. An amazing tribute for those lost when so many show up to help lay wreaths. Very moving. Beautiful pictures.
    Lots of traveling, I'd be looking forward to some down time too. All of that baking looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you Deb..really makes me proud to be an American when so many turn out at these events..and incredibly quickly 9ver 35,000 wreaths are laid :) We'll see today on the wreath anyway how good it is, first time making it. The bread and cookies I can do with my eyes closed LOL..

  2. You guys are going non stop, down time will be good for you to unwind.

  3. Merry Christmas.
    Great Pictures and blog post.

    1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Darrell. Thank you.

  4. I had never heard about Wreaths Across America before. What a wonderful tribute and to have to many people there how great is that.
    That wreath looks delicious. You have been a busy couple you will definitely need some down time. Take care and enjoy your time with family.

  5. That is an amazing tribute and I'm sure very emotional for all of you or should I say 'you all'. :)
    The pictures of the stones and wreaths are beautiful.
    That baked wreath looks awesome! Busy gal!