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Monday, December 24, 2018

Cooking and leaving home a day early..Cal Expo RV Park.

Waking up this morning at Cal Expo RV Park in Sacramento, CA.  We left home yesterday at 0800 and came over I80.  We made a couple of quick stops and arrived at Eric's house around noon.  He was home, just finishing wrapping some presents and Christina was taking a little nap so we didn't see her.  The boys were in Roseville at Fry's picking up some needed wiring for a huge speaker going in Seth's jeep. We waved at them as we were going through the canyon. :)

Love this picture of our nephew, Dusty and his little guy Owen.  They took a 3 mile hike on Saturday..

clicking on pics will enlarge them...

Our niece, Samantha posted these on Facebook of her little ones..just so darn cute! I love Facebook for these reasons and not the drama! 
That face! :) 

Pure, simple joy! 

Had a quick visit and then hooked up the trailer and headed here. On the way here after getting off the freeway we couldn't help but notice all the garbage everywhere and homeless people hanging out. The area of Howe/Hurley/El Camino is terrible! It's ridiculous. What happened to pride of ownership?! We did see one little old lady picking garbage up on her front lawn in front of a duplex. Sad...Since we've moved to Yerington, can honestly say we haven't seen one homeless person there.  Of course our winters are amazingly cold, so maybe that helps :0 
At the rest area on I 80..mixture of rain and snow but there
were lots of kids playing when we drove up..now down
to one...

Anyway, we got here, got checked in quickly and then got ourselves parked and unhooked. I'll get pictures today, as it started sprinkling not too long after we arrrived.  The park is good for what it is.  A place to spend a few nights to be close to family.  Full hook ups, laundry and bathrooms with showers.  Security, but I haven't seen any.  WIFI (I'll use it later and see how it works). $45.00 a night and they have monthly rates (Can't imagine why you'd stay a month here though). 

Because of the expected storm over the sierras we left decided we better leave a day earlier than planned.  That meant the turkey I was making for Christmas day had to be cooked a day early too. Saturday was spent letting the turkey cook and a few dips made.  John and Karen stopped by to say Merry Christmas as they were on their way to Reno for the night. Joe and Stacey visited Friday night for a bit.  He was headed to Oregon for the weekend to visit his older kids. Stacey ended up borrowing our Patriot for the weekend as Joe had taken her car and she couldn't get the truck started. 
Roll ups ready to be cut in smaller pieces Christmas Day.

The goodies that make up the roll ups..

My low carb one..Actually I made two and ate
one for dinner last night..yum

Turkey cooked breast side down..yum! In my momma's pan :)

We just enjoyed a nice afternoon in the trailer watching the RVs come in. :) Had our dinner, some tv and then bedtime. 

I'm going to be dangerously low on wine (oh no) so we're planning on going by Total Wine near here (thank goodness).  haha. We'll do a little running around and then this afternoon I'm making some potatoes for tomorrow. Hopefully today we can get a walk in and take some pics. 
John and Karen brought us local honey and a honey pot..too cute

Hard to believe it's Christmas Eve already!  So looking forward to tomorrow as it appears we will see all three of our boys and families. Best thing about Christmas is getting together with everyone and remembering Christmases past. :) 
What's your favorite Christmas memory? I've got tons as Christmas was always my Daddy's favorite holiday :) 

Here's a favorite Christmas memory of mine. We lived at our house on Stanley Ave in Carmichael. We girls were probably 9, 8 and 6 or maybe a little younger. Wendy and I were getting bikes and Linda got a John Deere Tractor.  It was probably 0300 or so and we got up.  My mom had to hold us in the hallway because Daddy had to finish up a few things as "Santa was in a hurry and just dropped some things and left"  Finally, we were released and found Daddy finishing the putting together of the tractor, with a glass of whiskey by his side. I always remember the whiskey, because he didn't really drink ever but guess he needed it as it was going to be a long day. :) 

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve everyone. Remember to Look UP!! 

Of course, Remember the real reason for the season! 


  1. Thank you for the catchup. Lots of things going on, everyone going every which way. I'm glad you spent time alone too in your trailer and you will have a fun day tomorrow for sure. We'll miss the family time but on Christmas Day we never saw the kids anyway. We'll FB messenger each of them.
    Love the honey pot and love the memory. I have wonderful family memories of when I was young too but a sadder time in my life, when a relationship ended, I spent Christmas eve overnight (on their sofabed) with my daughter, her hubby and my first grandchild, Taylor. I bought him a wagon. It was a very fun Christmas morning, one I missed after my children grew up. :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your memory. We love being "home" in our trailer for sure! Now headed to Yerington for the night and off to Parker tomorrow! Yay!

  2. Great pictures, love the faces. Glad you have arrived safe and sound to enjoy the holiday's with your sons!!!