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Sunday, December 9, 2018

A quick catch up...

Gosh darn time sure flies in December!  So let me catch up a bit.  Last Wednesday Ken changed the oil in the orange Patriot.  We've had the 4 WD Patriot 3 years now, so warranty is up.  We were trying to get it up to close to 36,000 just in case anything popped up. It's a really good car and we haven't had any issues, so hoping it stays that way.  

Thursday we were basically caught up and it was too darn cold to be outside we headed for Carson City.  I had something to pick up at Kohl's and wanted to go to Ross for a few things so it was a good day to get it done. We finished and headed over to CVI and our favorite waitress, Carmen for a late lunch/dinner before heading home.  
On our way to Carson City

Snow is mostly gone

Friday was a wrapping day!  Waiting on 2 more gifts this week and DONE for this year.  

Saturday we were home until a little before 1700 when we headed into town for their 2nd Annual Parade of Lights.  I didn't take my camera, but next year will for sure!  Once it was done we headed back to the house and a fire in the backyard.  Highs have been running in the high 30's and once in awhile low 40's.  Very cold!  So we hung out near the fire until a little after 2100.  It looks so nice out there with the lights on and the fire. 

I loved all the lights on this one!

Gingerbread house

This was one of the churches floats..
The manger scene and a beautiful cross
Inside the bunkhouse looking out :)

The fire was so nice and looking at the lights just made us smile ;)

Sunday morning we slept in until about 0600 and then started our day as usual! Visiting with our friends online and seeing what everyone is up to! Breakfast and then some general cleaning and the day has flown again. Decided it's time to get this blog done! Ken's out front bar b quing some chicken and a turkey burger for dinner. I'll make sides inside the house haha..We made it to 35 degrees today ...brrrrrrr. Have a great evening! 

Owen, his Great Grandpa Pat, Cassidy..
Dusty, His Dad, Bobby, Chelsea and Auntie Vickie
Happy 87th Birthday Pat!!


  1. That Fire looks inviting but at least it's in the 50's here.
    Hoping to see you soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hoping to see you two also! We do love our fires, whether inside or outside!

  2. Love the fire and lights, very festive. Sounds like a busy last few days. Now you can slow down and rest for the big event!!!!

    1. Yes it's been busy, but time goes so fast anymore..Even a boring day at home seems to go by so fast.

  3. You have been busy the fire and Christmas lights looks wonderful , but much to cold for us to enjoy being outside.

  4. The light parade must have been beautiful. We had our Christmas parade last Friday, after the Girl Scout float went by with our granddaughter on I was back in the car, it was only 15°. Though we did race ahead and see her twice, we are her grandparents after all...lol Oh, our daughter was with her.
    Love the pictures of your place with the Christmas lights...beautiful.

    1. Oh how fun, even though so cold. Our light parade was so pretty, I was surprised for the size of Yerington. Lot's of people on the streets to watch :) That's what Grandparents do! Thank you. I do love the way it looks at Christmas..just wish the season wasn't so quick to pass by!

  5. I'm sure you enjoyed the beautiful lights parade but I think the bunkhouse lights view from inside and out were the best!
    Nice last picture of the gang. By the way, you just leave those cold temperatures right there when you leave!

  6. aww thank you Patsy! I'm looking forward to getting away from these temps for sure! Just way too cold! My Brother in law is still fortunate to have his dad..he's such a sweetie. They visit often (he is in retirement home too) just like you visit your mom.