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Friday, December 28, 2018

Yerington, NV to Amargosa Valley, NV..Cold temps and wind

We left home Thursday morning around 0900.  We set the alarm and i was awake anyway before 0400.   Seems to be my time lately..oh well.  Had our coffees, checking in with blogging friends and the worked on getting ready to leave.   On our way out around 0900 we stopped in to see Karen to let her know we were gone.  
The last fire for the year with lights on the bunkhouse and outhouse

Ready to head out!

Had a very nice drive from Yerington to Hawthorne where we stopped to get some gas, not much as we thought (wrong) that it would be cheaper in Tonopah.  Great drive, with some bits and pieces of different weather. We watched the skies change from blue, to clouds to what appeared to be snow. Gave us something to watch for sure.  We got gas in Tonopah (3.69) and then pulled into their trucking area for lunch. I made a simple salad for me and Ken had the last of the roll ups from his mom's house.  
Near Walker Lake, NV

Just love the different skies over the lake

The largest flag in NV....Hawthorne

On the road again about 92 miles to Amagosa Valley and their rest area.  The wind was crazy! Some winds pushed us down the road nicely, but as we neared our destination turned into a crosswind, not fun for the driver. 
Looks like we might be running into snow..but it didn't happen

Coming into Tonopah, NV

Out our dining area window...we got nothing but wind
and cold!

The view out our back window..yep there's a wind!

There is an RV Park just behind us, that we have stayed several times but decided instead of $27.00 for the night or FREE here we decided on here.  

Ken was able to run the generator for a few hours as it's so noisy outside with the highway we weren't bothering anyone.  We watched the movie Lawless which was based on a true story and very good!   Had some dinner and now Ken's sleeping and I thought I'd get this narrative done.  

Should be about 250 miles tomorrow so we'll be up at a decent time, but not setting the alarm. 

Thursday morning...I woke up at about 0430, got up nearing 0500 and started the coffee.  Visiting our blogging friends is done, coffee too so now we'll continue getting ready and head down the road after some breakfast.  We do have a few RV's and cars around us.  Temp is 22 degrees! We'll be out of here soon (well, soon for us).  Have a wonderful day everyone! 


  1. That overnight temp is a bit chilly for me. I'd be under mounds of blankets. Glad you folks are on your way to warmer climes. Safe travels.

    1. It was chilly for us too! Thank goodness the heater ran and kept us warm. We're here in Parker..it's cold!

  2. That sure does look cold especially with that wind. Warmer temps sure will be nice, Travel safely.

    1. Hoping for warmer temps George..but it's cold tonight in Parker, AZ...really cold..

    2. It is supposed to start warming up next Thursday. Keep warm in the meantime.

  3. Driving with Cross Winds is no fun especially the Gusts.
    Stay Warm and Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. No it wasn't fun..but he did a great job! We are warm in our little trailer..

  4. If it was a contest we wanted to win I would be all excited...it is 20 degrees here...lol
    Glad you had a decent travel day...those crosswinds are never exciting for the driver.
    Continued safe travels as you make your way south.

    1. Well, I'd gladly let you win!! The driving was great..just the winds. We're in Parker, AZ tonight..

  5. Glad to hear you are moving on down the road. Leaving that snow behind is a great plan but the winds seem to be everywhere. We have clear sunny skies but nasty cold wind gusts. Stay safe and hopefully you will soon be in warmer days. 22F is ccccccold!!

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