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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Grandma's 91st Birthday, Overnight at Eric's house, Walmart and CVI

Tuesday morning found us up early so we could get ourselves over the hill. We knew we wanted to go to the RV Park at Cal Expo we plan on staying at over Christmas.  I made some salads to take with us for lunch and then the munchies for Grandmas house. 

We ended up eating our salads in the parking lot of Camping World in Rocklin. 

After that we drove over and found the park, better now than with a trailer attached.  It's a nice park, showers, laundry, security and full hookups. No discounts so it's $45.00 a night. Ouch, I know but once in awhile is ok and a lot cheaper than motels in Sacramento anymore.  

We arrived at Grandma's at about 1430 and Ken's older brother, Dave was there. We had just missed our oldest son Bryan as he stopped by too. Our nephew, Jesse came after work and our middle son, Eric stopped by after work. Everyone enjoyed the munchies and I ended up sending the leftovers with Jesse.  Ken's sister, Diane was supposed to be there, but we missed her if she came after 1800 when we left. Drove to Eric's and went in to say goodnight, as for them it was a work and school night.  Out in the trailer, a little tv and then lights out.  
Jesse and Grandma..Jesse's enjoying
some treats Bryan brought..

Thought this was the cutest thing ever..
a plunger tree sitting on the back of the

Grandma's tree in the living room

Ken and his mommy, Alice

This is her typical personality..Cutting Jesse's
throat with a knife! 

Wednesday morning, I was awake before 0400 and laid there a bit.  Got Ken up about 0445 for coffee and computing.  Had to check in with our blogging friends that are enjoying the warmth of the south west. I took a shower and got ready, then headed up to the house to cook some breakfast for the grandsons. :)  That gave Ken time to get himself ready.  Pancakes cooked and cleaned up, back to the trailer to make our breakfast.  
A beautiful sunrise in Yerington, NV

We left there and headed up Highway 50 to Gardnerville.  Walmart, Raleys, gas and then to CVI for a later lunch.  Our favorite server, Carmen was there and we gave her our card we had for her.  She is so special all year, we just wanted to give her a little something. Of course we had a wonderful linner and then headed home. 

We stopped next door to drop off a grocery we picked up for Karen and then made plans to come back later for a fire outside. John is out of town working, so she appreciated the company and so did we.  

Thursday morning we were up and computing a little after 0500.  House cleaned, a few bills paid and Ken ran to town to mail a quarterly check to the IRS and pay our house taxes.  We made plans last night with Karen to take her to Dini's for lunch (she's never been).  I like their lunch as I can get a bunless entree along with a salad, rather than fries. :) 
John and Karen got me this plant last week for my birthday..
Hoping I don't kill it!

Adam and his friend, Kate were out enjoying Christmas lights

Have a great afternoon! 


  1. Busy as always, ice the picture of Ken and his mom.

  2. Ken is so blessed to have his mom. This is the first time I'm in Yuma at Christmas time and my parents aren't here. It's making me a little sad but what can I say. I love keeping up with you! Elva.....

    1. Yes he is blessed and so am I since both my parents are gone. I'm glad you're keeping up..hoping we can finally get together in Jan. :)

  3. I'm glad everyone got together for moms birthday. Good to a few pictures of the event.

    1. Sorry there aren't more Don..didn't have my camera and time got away.

  4. Grandma looks wonderful. What a nice birthday with so many dropping into visit her. Very nice picture of picture of Ken and his mom.

    1. Thanks Deb. She is doing very well :) We are blessed to have her :)

  5. Nice picture of Ken and his mom. Okay you need to slow down I am tired and I just read your blog...lol It does sound like you two are having a wonderful time just enjoying life. Keep it up. Take care.

  6. Sorry, I'm behind and trying to catch up.
    Happy belated birthday to Mom/Grandma! She looks great and is full of character, I can tell from the picture with the knife. :)
    Cute plunger tree and I love your plant. As Deb says, you are so busy! But at least the good times are rolling.
    Look at all those little white lights, very pretty!