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Friday, October 12, 2018

Well, I am not a happy camper yet!

Wednesday morning we headed out towards Reno. A quick trip to Winco and Total Wine.  Got to Best Buy to pick up the Mac and we got right in a few minutes before our scheduled appointment.  Isaac help us, we've had him before.  Even he admits he is not an Apple person and just kind of ran us through things. Nathaniel had said we could figure which pics to put back on the Mac but Isaac didn't know how to do it. Stopped at CVI for lunch and then headed home. I didn't do the blog but did enjoy playing with Mac.  

Thursday morning found us enjoying looking and commenting on blogs.  I had a turkey in the freezer and after watching our Canadian friends enjoy their Thanksgivings I had Ken get it out on Wednesday.  

After our morning routines I got started in the kitchen. It was going to be a typical Thanksgiving dinner only a month early :)  The turkey got stuffed, mashed potatoes and a veggie casserole. I decided to try a new thing, mashed turnips since I wouldn't be eating the stuffing or mashed potatoes. I'm sure I will next month but not this time.  

I found a recipe for the turnips and I'm pleased to say they were awesome. Ken was working in the bathroom so i took him a bite without telling what they were. He thought they were mashed potatoes with some lumps in them. So there ya go. I finished up in the kitchen about 1700.  Happy Hour time! 

We enjoyed our dinner immensely and leftovers for days I'm afraid! haha. 

Ken ran to the dump this am (Friday) and after stopping at John and Karen's for a minute came home. Karen needed help painting some outside furniture so I dawned my best (not) paint clothes and headed over.  A few enjoyable hours and I was home in time to make lunch. Ken was working on the roof to help John out a bit. 

Why am I not a Happy Camper you ask?  Well, tried to load my pictures like usual and it's not working :((  I also am finding that I can't comment on blogs like I used to or get into the blog the same way.  Don't know if maybe I need to sign out and sign back in if that will help? So tomorrow am I will be calling the Geek Squad hoping they can help with the picture problem. :( 

On a positive note, my sister Wendy got to come home from the hospital this am. They were able to get rid of the blockage without surgery this time. I wish her the best and hope she remembers to take it easy for a bit and follow Doctor's orders. 

You all have a great evening.  Hope to get back to normal soon!

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  1. Glad your sister got to come home and ni surgery a bonus.
    The only place I take my Mac book is an Apple store, they know how to fix them not problem . Good luck with yours.