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Monday, October 1, 2018

Catch up post!

Friday morning we decided to head for Walmart in Gardnerville over a hundred mile round trip but it needed to be done.  Ken had a list of things he needed to pick up and I always can pick up a few groceries. 
Sunset on Thursday night

Headed out and I noticed my Patriot had a flat tire.  How'd that happen? Oh well, jumped into the Tundra and off we went.  

We did our divide and conquer thing and I was going to check the list I had put on the phone, but left my phone in the truck.  Sure enough we forgot some things, mainly the stuff for an oil change on the Patriot.  No way were we going back inside. Next time.  We got home in time for our salad lunch. We didn't want to head for CVI because we figured we'd probably end up there on Saturday after the Candy Dance craft fair. 

Ken took off the tire and changed it out, we'll take it to Gardnerville next time we head that way.  We bought a flat of solar lights to light up our new path from the back to John and Karen's so Ken got them placed where they need to be. 

We had our Happy Hour out back by the bunkhouse. We didn't start a fire though, because we knew we'd have an extended happy hour and we were getting up early on Saturday. Tacos for dinner again, but heck we like em! 

Sunset Friday night

Pathway from John and Karen's to the bunkhouse!

Saturday morning we got up about 0430 to head out early.  Genoa is about an hour and a half from us and we wanted to be there about 0800 to make sure we found some good parking. 

We couldn't believe the people already there and the line of cars on the other road.  I took a picture last year of when we got there and then when we were leaving. This year the picture of when we got there looks like when we were leaving!! Unbelievable. We're thinking this is our last year of going, just way too crowded for us! 

Parking lot but if you enlarge and look out further you
can see the huge line of cars coming in!

Cute town and cute houses

People packing the streets at 0800

A house for sale..

Time to get out of here!!

The line coming in as we're leaving

We did support the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department with the purchase of a Screwdriver and a Bloody Mary.  We did some looking and I actually ended up buying this cute Santa plate for Owen and Cassidy.  The artist was busy so we were told to return in an hour.  Ok we can do that.  One more purchase of another Screwdriver and Ken had a Laguinitas in his glass.  We headed over to the other Fire department booth and purchased a shirt for him and an apron for me. Back to pick up our plate and then we took the walk back to the truck. 

The back of Ken's shirt

My apron..

CVI it was for us for lunch.  Great food, good service (Carmen doesn't work weekends)  great prices!  Walked out of there stuffed and buzzed (me anyway)..Naptime on the way home. When we got home I spent a couple of hours napping! Can't tell you the last time I did that! No dinner needed. 

Sunday morning we were up around 0600 or so. Visited with friends and then got ourselves going.  Ken wanted a crock pot dinner with chicken, cauliflower, veggies and some cabbage.  Joe brought us the biggest cabbage I've ever seen so it was a good way to use some up.  Don't have an idea of what I'm going to have.  I worked on getting things back into the dresser we put in the green room. They're both in there now and it looks good. 

The second dresser is in..

Ken worked on our outside light in the back and got it going again. He got my wine cooler set up in the old well house.  It had to have its own circuit breaker so it's done now and filled up with wine :))

Karen called from next door so we're heading over in a bit for Happy Hour but i wanted to get this done first! 

Well, I didn't get it posted before we headed over.  Had a nice visit and a fire outside with them. We got home about 2100. Ken wanted the stuff I made in the crock pot and he loved it! Sometimes the best things are just thrown together and let the pot do its thing! 

We were awake about 0515 this morning (Monday) but ended up falling back to sleep until 0630..uhh half the day is gone! Coffee, visiting with friends, a little treadmill and then time for breakfast.  I made Ken one of the almond flour waffles with eggs he likes. This is different for him as he's not a sweet eater and these really aren't (they would be if he put syrup on them, but he doesn't).  I added two fried eggs and he's a happy camper and so easy with our little waffle maker. 
You don't have the golden color because it's using almond
flour which is darker..

Did some general clean up and Ken did some work outside.  He came in to hang some things for me that we've been meaning to do for a year or so or more! haha. time flies! Paid some bills and then had some veggies and dips for lunch.  Now it's 1415! 

Time to finish off the afternoon.  We will head back to Karen's later to see if I can make up  an invite for her mother's birthday party they're holding at the end of the month. Sure our Happy Hour will be there too..not another 2100 night though! 
Owen was at the pumpkin farm driving a tractor

My nephew Dusty, Chelsea Owen and Cassidy in the sling..
Grandson Seth's Jeep is looking pretty sharp
with new tires, rims and window tinting! 
Ken's sister Diane's Birthday today!
Happy Birthday Di! 

Have a good evening!!


  1. Love the lighted pathway looks so inviting.
    That waffle with eggs looks pretty tasty maybe have to try that.

    1. I love the way the path looks at night. Ken really likes the waffle and egg together and I'm glad gives him a little more choice for breakfast.

  2. Great job on the lights down the walkway to Karen and John's. That will make it so much easier. You had a lot going on over the last few days, no wonder you didn't post! :)
    The waffles with eggs look good, might have pancakes today. Hmm.
    Happy Birthday Di!

    1. Thanks Patsy. I just can't like the flavor of the waffles but I'm glad Ken does and they turn out so nicely.

  3. Great job with the lighted path Ken.
    Looks like you are still keeping way too busy.
    Happy Birthday to Diane.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. WE are busy and the days keep flying! A little rain expected today so that'll slow my man down a bit. lol!