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Monday, October 22, 2018

Deck work done, RV's getting ready for company and a quick trip to Reno

Saturday morning we got up early as we had an 0815 appointment at Dini's with  Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Stacey's mom, Susan.  As always the food is good and conversation better! We came home and I ran to Raleys for just a few things.  

About 1130 I headed next door to finish up the deck.  There wasn't a lot of work to finish but it was all on my knees and getting up and down. Turned out really nice.  
Ken found himself a new bar b q at Lowe's so he got it
all together and the grills seasoned

Then home for awhile. We actually enjoyed the Spaghetti Squash pizza Friday night we decided to do it again.  This time Ken changed his up a bit with oysters, olives and mushroom. Once again such a tasty dinner! This will be on the menu quite often and no guilt about eating pizza! We cooked it up in the afternoon as we were going next door for Happy Hour. 

After the 2nd pizza was cooked..Ken's with the olives
and mine with the veggies..YUM. Trust me, the
spaghetti squash crust is delicious 

 All I had to do was throw  mine in the microwave and Ken likes his room temperature. 
Part of the deck finished

Lit up it looks really nice

We were home at 2000 as everyone was tired. Had a nice fire over there. 

Sunday morning started out like every morning with our computer and coffee. Cool mornings and warm afternoons.  After lunch I headed out to the different trailers out back to get them ready for company this weekend. We're not sure how many people will be staying over here so we wanted to make sure their all ready for company.  Ken did his part too in making sure batteries are charged etc.  

We actually got finished and started our Happy Hour on the front porch.  Little later we headed out back and Ken started our fire in our fire pit.  Eventually we came in to have some dinner.  I made a turkey dinner a few weeks ago.  So Ken wasn't eating it for a week after a few days I made individual dinners for him. Took one out and made some veggie casserole to go with his dinner and for me.  Easy and delicious dinner!  
Our sunset

Set the alarm for 0430 this morning (Monday).  We decided to head to Reno to get some things at Winco and visit Total Wine. Stopped by Ross to buy a couple of twin sheet sets for the Jayco and the Komfort fifth wheel.  Both dinettes fold down but I didn't have any sheets. Love Ross for their prices! Ken ran to Sam's Club so I could look around Ross for a bit. 
Only had my phone with me today..sure doesn't do
justice to the colors

Stopped at our favorite Chinese place for lunch.  Didn't touch the rice but the veggies and meat were delicious. Ken enjoyed his whole lunch! haha.  Brought the rice home so Ken can have it with his dinner. 

Nice drive home.  Groceries put away and now it's time to relax..that means Happy Hour!  Have a good night everyone!!


  1. I would make the spaghetti squash pizza crust if it was not so expensive, but I rally don't like to pay 6-7 dollars for a small one.
    You are getting ready to have for fun again and Ken's BBQ loots pretty interesting .

    1. Oh no..we're lucky I guess Winco has 88 cents a pound and even Raley's is 99..so It averages 3 to 4 and we get at least 2 pizzas out of it..yeah that's expensive! He's looking forward to using the bar b q for sure!

  2. I think your spaghetti squash pizza sounds great, maybe just for me. :)
    Nice to get the trailers prepped for company, sounds like fun!
    Ken will be happy with a new bbq.
    I'm looking forward to getting into Ross's stores again. I remember the great prices!

  3. The Deck turned out nice. The pizza looks delicious. The prices at Ross's sound interesting.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the new Bar-b-q.

    It's about time.