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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Izzie's 75th Birthday Party

Friday morning found me in the kitchen for a few hours.  I made up some breakfast casseroles to take over to John and Karen's for Saturday morning.  She was expecting there to be about 14 for breakfast.  She had talked about giving them $$ and sending them to McDonalds but I don't think she knew how expensive that would be! haha.  
Potato Salad

Breakfast casserole

7 layer dip

Got them done and then moved on to the 7 layer dip I was making for the party. 2 trays and done.  During the day we had her family come in and get themselves settled in the bunkhouse and 5th wheel out in our backyard.  The Jayco was already at J and K's ready for Isabel and family to arrive.  

I made some potato salad and we headed over to John and Karen's for dinner with their family that had come in to their house.  Some hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad made for a nice, easy delicious dinner.  Fire, conversations and some adult beverages a very nice night. 

Saturday morning...Party Day.  The party actually started at 1300. Ken went over a couple of times to see if he could help with anything.  A beautiful day, we lucked out.  Temps about 80 degrees.  Lots of kids, family, friends it was an amazing time.  
Izzie the birthday girl! 75 years young

People visiting 

Kids and young adults playing badminton 

Lots of Red Solo Cups around :)

Party's started

Karen's mom Isabel (Izzie) arrived just before 1500 to the cheers of everyone :)
The Taco Truck showed up just before 1500 and the band arrived just before 1600.  

Dancing and tequila drinking!

The hosts Karen and John...dancing a slow one..

Ken and the birthday girl dancing

Looks like fun!

A neighbor Big Mike


Bev, Carmen and Bobby..

The music was a local band called "The Band Next Door" apparently because they all lived next door to one another at some time :) John and Karen sure went all out for this 75th party for her mom.   Izzie was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, so know they all feel very blessed to still have with them. 
The Taco Truck..excellent food!

A beautiful sunset!

Roaring fire

We partied and danced to the music, everyone had a great time.  About 2330 we headed home. 

This morning we slept in until 0730!!  Got ourselves ready and about 1000 we headed back over as we were invited for breakfast/brunch.  The house was full of people, mimosas flowing freely :0  Some people were out back, maybe not feeling as good as they should ;(  Oh well, maybe a little hair of the dog?! 

We'll head back over later just for a bit. We'll be heading to Reno in the morning. Time for Ken's eye appointment to see if the eye drops are working to help his glaucoma.  

Decided to splurge and go to lunch in town today.  Have a wonderful evening everyone! 

Had to stick in a couple of FB pics of two of our grandsons!  Can't believe they're seniors in high school already! 

Seth and his sweetie Jordyn

Jacob and Alyssa


  1. Nice looking seniors they are. Two cute couples.
    Looks like a fun party.
    Good Luck to Ken, hope he finds out the eyedrops are helping.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Thank you Deb! Both of the couples have been long term together. Party was wonderful! The eye drops are working!!

  2. Busy weekend helping out the neighbours.
    Praying the glaucoma clears up for Ken.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. They are great neighbors and friends so we don't mind helping out at all, knowing they'd do anything for us. Thank you. We did get great news today, the drops are helping..just looks like he'll be on them forever but that's ok.

  3. What a great partay!!! They really did go all out and why the heck not, eh? Celebrate each year, I say and usually always do!
    The food looks great!
    Hope the results are good for Ken's eyes. Fingers crossed.

    1. It was a great time at the party. Thank you. Results were good today!

  4. What a funtime with the neighbours sounds like everyone enjoyed it.

    1. Yes it was a great time, takes a few days to recover hahaha.