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Monday, March 25, 2019

Surgery day for Ken!

Had ourselves a great time at Karen's last night. We sat by the bonfire for awhile until we went inside to greet Karen's mom Izzie and her sister Isabel.  Both sisters were named Isabel..as Karen's grandfather thought Isabel was the most beautiful name in the world.  That was also his wife's name, so what could be better than to name his two daughters after their mother?!  That's why there is  Izzie and Isabel.  Ok.   
Karen had some really old patio furniture
so decided to burn it before her mom got
there. In the fire and mom drives up..LOL..She wasn't
able to identify it by the time she got
out back...haha. Made for a nice fire!

We all sat by the fire for a bit until dinner was cooked.  Karen's daughter Amber also came over which was nice!  Karen made some of the best bar b q chicken breast for me.  Leg and thigh for Ken, lamb steaks for mom and Isabel, Steak for Amber..she is quite the cook!!  After visiting a bit we headed home with full tummies! 

Monday morning I was awake at 0500 after a fitful night of dreams.  Finally pulled my self out of the warm and toasty covers at 0545 and started the coffee for me.  Closed the bedroom door to let Ken sleep as long as possible as he couldn't have anything to eat or drink and we weren't leaving until 1100.  He got up at 0800 just as I was eating breakfast, that he couldn't have...

We left at 1100 and pulled into the parking lot with an hour to kill..only the hospital called at 1245 to see where we were. They had 1230 as the time we were supposed to be there.  So it worked out well.  We went inside and they took him to surgery at 1350.  About 1600 Dr. Cummings came out and said all was good!  About an hour later they called me back and were taking Ken to his room.  I followed and they got him set up. 

We visited and they brought him grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. I could tell he enjoyed that! About 1815 I left to go get my room before dark.  The winds had picked up and boy did the temperature drop! 

Drove on down and got to my motel at a little after 1830.  Easy check in and great desk service. Apparently they have wine everyday from 1600 to 1800 but it was still out, she said I could get some and take it to the room. I had my own so I passed, but very nice! Homemade cookies too. I like the motel room, roomy and nice. Yes it's been here awhile, but no complaints from me. Glad I decided to stay here, as it would have been sleeping in a chair at the hospital.  
Nice room..

Huge bathroom and refrigerator and microwave..I'd stay

Ken called a bit ago while I was talking with oldest son, Bryan.  He's doing ok, sounded sleepy and his arm is tingling.  According to the nurse, it's waking up. I'm thinking that means eventually pain.  They've told him when he needs pain meds just to ask.  We'll see, he's not much of a pain med taker. 

I should be picking him up sometime tomorrow morning. 

It's been a day that's been a long time coming!  Glad it's over and now let the healing begin.  Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good wishes...really means a lot! 

Have a good night!


  1. Sound like a fun evening.
    Good to read everything went well with Ken's surgery and now you are all tucked in and safe in your room. Take care and safe travels home.

    1. Thanks Deb, it's always amazing to me how much people care..warms my heart and Ken's too. When I post on FB and all the people respond he's just so touched :) It's a quick way to get the info out there! He called just before he was falling asleep and said his arm was "tingling" Waking up according to the nurse :)

  2. That is wonderful all went well, and a great idea to get a room for the night and a good rest. Now for a speedy recovery.

    1. I wanted to stay with him, but it was an oversized chair, yes I'm short, but it would have been very uncomfortable. We're hoping for a quick recovery. The plus is he is a good patient and follows doctors orders very well! Thanks for all the good thoughts!

  3. Great to hear about Ken. Please tell him we're thinking about him.....and you too! Drive safe!

    1. Thanks Dave and Cheryl I will pass it on to him :)

  4. So glad to hear things went well, for both of you. Take care!!!!

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